Thursday, July 7, 2011


I bummed all day and finished Season 1 of Downton Abbey.
I then got ready and met with Michael at his work so we could get to dinner ASAP. We were going back to Guhng because we were hooked, and we were going to meet AJ there.

AJ said she was going to be a bit later than 6:30pm as she finished work round then. So Michael and I got there, to find that the manager said our friend was already upstairs and we can head up.
$39 for a small slab of Wagyu

I was like, "What? Our friend is here?" and the manager was so sure, he was like, "Yes yes! Just go upstairs."

So I was like wow okay that was quick AJ. We climbed the stairs and the manager upstairs pointed to our seat and was like, "This is your table."

We looked over and I immediately thought, "Wow AJ, you've changed" as that girl sitting at our table was not our friend.

I said to the manager, "That's not my friend" and she goes "Yes it is" and I cracked up laughing! Then the two managers talked on their radios and realised they messed it up. But I thought it was hilarious.
It was really interesting dessert but I'd rather pay half the price for ice cream that's easily edible

Michael and I ordered the BBQ dishes and when AJ came she ordered a soup as well. We decided to go all out so we ordered Wagyu as well.

The meal was really delicious and gosh I love Korean BBQ so much. But the meal was so expensive that I was going to cry! Hahahhhaha maybe not Wagyu next time, it was awesome meat but not for the price.