Thursday, July 28, 2011


I lounged about all day in the beautiful weather that I let seep through my windows. It was good to see sun again.

AJ dressed me for my date that night - making me appear casual yet still a little chic. I don't know if I did but I was happy with what I was wearing. Especially because I knew we were going to go bowling that night.
I sent this to AJ to show her my make up and she couldn't see a thing hahahaha and got mad!

I got ready and headed in to my staff meeting. Two of the boys were exclaiming that I looked beautiful and they've never seen me any hotter. I didn't understand why because every Friday I have to wear heels and be presentable for work, but today I was just sporting a sweater, leather jacket, jeans and flat boots.

I told them I had a date and they were like OOOOH DEENA IS GOING ON DATES NOW!

I was a little early in the city because my staff meeting finished - I just walked about the block until 7pm came.
I sent this to AJ for her approval..

I met him at Federation Square and shit! He was a lot cuter than I remembered so I suddenly got nervous. You see, I haven't really ever been on a date before. I can't recall my last date ever.

I'm talking dates as in with a guy you don't really know but he asked for your number over the bar counter when I was working. I gave it to him because we chatted all night with smart arse and intelligent remarks so I thought, "hmmm why not!?"

He was the first person out of many at work who wasn't sleazy. Anyway, we enjoyed dinner at a restaurant nearby.

I had a kangaroo fillet and he had chicken satay. Soon we walked up to the bowling centre to fight for championship.

Surprisingly, I won the first game with 84 - 72. I'm really bad at bowling though. The second game I got ripped in half with 146 - 54.

We did dare each other to do stupid goes like using left hands or trying to do a hook spin and the classic between your legs to get that one standing one in the middle.

We decided we needed a third game to level war. I had to bring my mentality back because I just kept throwing it in the gutter. We finished with 102 - 100. Such a close name, and it went to me! Oooohhh boy you should've seen how much I was gloating!

We walked back to our meeting spot and said goodbyes. I walked back up to my tram stop and saw I had 20 minutes to wait so I just started walking up the tram tracks to each next stop. I got all the way to the other end at Parliament House and he texted me saying that his car battery died and he knows how much I would be teasing him.

I thought I'd keep him company as he waited for the roadside assistance team to come by. The boy definitely goes to a crazy extent to see a girl again - haha I'm totally joking! We went and had churros and coffee then said goodbye for the second time that night. He's a little bogan, with his bogan plumber ute but completely adorable!

I had a super fun night. It brought my spirits up completely! Maybe my new hobby should just to be to go on dates. And no, he did not kiss me (That was everyone's next question).