Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I went to collect my laptop on Monday. I hadn't seen Wubs in so long, since we went to Japan together in September so we decided to go have lunch together.

It was good catching up with him, I miss him so much and I have no idea why we've let time push us apart so much. Dedicated readers probably remember that I hung out with him every single day when I first moved to Melbourne. He was my best friend at that time.

He dropped me home and I stole pop rocks from his car. Those candies are so fun! When I got home, I turned on my laptop to finally put some music back into my ears - to only see that the wiring for sound hasn't been put into places.

I instantly called Wubs and he responded with, "Oops."
Hahahaha, I said that he probably did it on purpose so I had to come back.

So! I went on Tuesday, back to his work. I had to wait for him to get back to lunch so I just hung about. His manager invited me to go for after work drinks on Friday but I was like... I don't work here though?!?! Hahahahaha! And one of his colleagues was trying to keep me entertained - what a lovely bunch of people!

One of them were super cute but Wubs told me he's like nearly 30. He did not look it at all.

Wubs then fixed my laptop, chatted for a bit then I went off to have lunch by my lonesome at McDonald's. I had a stomach upset so I went to the toilets. The lady was cleaning the females so I went to the disabled/baby change room and placed my laptop case on the baby changer.

I let out all my pain and went on my merry way to buy groceries. I walked about 500m and realised that I left my laptop case on the baby changer. My heart plummeted down to my feet and occasionally threw my run off balance. I probably looked like a loser, running into McDonald's so enthusiastically.

I ran into the toilets to only find that the toilets were engaged. I waited outside for about 20 minutes and all I heard was a constant rumble of the toilet paper dispenser as the guy went for more and more paper. I JUST WANTED TO KNOW IF MY LAPTOP WAS IN THERE!
I dressed like a nerd today. Desh and I were exchanging photos of what we looked like today hahahaha

Then he flushed, I was so ecstatic. Then he flushed again, I was getting impatient.
He washed his hands, and spent a moment probably maintaining his hair etc.

He came out and looked at me strangely. Maybe I was looking at him strangely. I pretended to be waiting for my friend to come out and when I saw he was gone, ran into the toilet holding my breath.

My darling laptop case was there! HUZZAH!

I made salad for dinner and Michael bought charcoal chicken. It was a monster meal but totally satisfying!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you got your laptop case back! That would have totally bummed if you didn't! yay! :)