Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect
When you consider cause and effect and how many variables determine a given outcome.
When you can see clear purpose in an event and the seemingly arbitrary variables that caused it.
When you can see reason in chaos.
Can you not see, some things are meant to be.

It was a beautiful morning. King probably beamed sunshine rays across the glum Melbourne sky to remind me to not be sad. Don't be sad today, Deena.

One month has already passed. There's not much else I can really say except that I miss him.

Nonetheless, I lived out the beautiful morning he gave me and spent it with Bailey. I even decided to take up a challenge of being a Vegetarian for a week, I want to see what the whole fuss is about. We went to eat a veggie patty burger.

The eyes of a juice bottle

Afterwards, Michael picked me up and we went to the grocery store. Then we cooked chicken & sweet corn soup for dinner. I just didn't eat the chicken. We were then meant to watch a movie, but I ended up playing guitar and we lounged about.

It was a bittersweet, peaceful day.

I remember King had his first house party once and it went out of control. Everyone was everywhere and everything got stolen. Two of my phones and my jar of M&Ms were victimized and I was so sad. King just cuddled me for ages, but we were laughing at the night too. Funny because a year later I saw my friend using my phone and I snatched it off him, and the first number that came onto the contact list was my dad's long international number.

I just screamed FUCK YOU THIS IS MY PHONE at him and he said he bought it off his friend and had no idea! How funny is that?

It was my first house party, and the first time I had a drink - Corona and one of those pre-mixed alcopops, Breezers? I had a guava one I think!