Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sun Showers

I woke up and got ready. Bailey walked over in the sprinkling rain to escort Raph and I for breakfast.

We went to eat at Raph's mate's cafe. I had scrambled eggs on toast. It was nice to eat all together. I should eat breakfast more often - I haven't had it in months.

We then walked down Smith St and went into a pawn shop to find Chopper Read sitting there just chilling out. Chopper Read was an Australian criminal that robbed drug dealers and tortured leaders of the criminal underworld to give him money (blow torched or used bolt cutters to cut off toes). He was also involved in attempted and accomplished murders. THEN HE WENT TO WRITE AUTOBIOGRAPHIES, CRIME NOVELS and he's even doing art work to sell.
He looks so different with hair

Bailey and I then went off to the Art Gallery that was hosting a Vienna Exhibition. I don't think it was worth the money, there wasn't that much to exhibit but it was different mediums to look at so I still enjoyed it. My favourite part about going to museums and art galleries are the shops though. I love all the funky stuff they stock.

The sky started showering with the sun still beaming out. I hadn't really seen anything like it - it looked like a 100 people were spitting down at me on a nice day.

We went and had tea and macaroons. We went to an outdoor cafe and these Asians were abusing the pigeons so much. Its funny how if you leave them alone they won't bother you (they didn't come and annoy us!) but they just kept on coming back to the Asians to annoy them. I've never seen such violent Japanese people before. Bailey got worked up and told them to calm down. I was a little furious inside too, they're just poor little awkward chubby pigeons!

I was then meant to meet up with Michael. I hopped on the train with Bailey who was going to get off the next stop after me to only be told by Michael that he was going to bail and go elsewhere. I knew he had an upset day at work but I was a little down that he didn't want to go to me. He said I had enough problems to deal with and he didn't want to burden me.

I tried, and tried to convince him that I'm pretty much there but he didn't want to see me. I got off the train, trained back and walked over to Bailey's work where he was meeting with his friend then I walked home instead of catching the tram.
Boys and their competitive streak.. (Phillip the roses giver is an architect)

Dragonball looked like he was having cardiac arrest this morning, so I separated Dragonball and Mochi because they had been showing signs of swim bladder syndrome into a bucket. Did I mention that our tap water comes out cloudy white? I was worried that the contamination was wearing them down as well so I went to the groceries and carried 10 Litres of water home for 2 blocks.

IT KILLED my arms. I had to stop start so many times. And when I got home, the part where the water comes out was broken so I had to ram my fingers up this tiny flap and let it slowly leak out. That took forever and I was in pain.

Oh well, I hope those fishies understand that I ADORE THEM TO BITS.

Michael and I had a talk and he felt better. I think he was threatened that I wouldn't be his close friend anymore and he didn't want to get in the way of Bailey because he's a boy. I told him that if he had a woman's genital part then he wouldn't act like this - and its no different because we're just friends.

He got the point and apologised. I think the bad day at work just went to his head but I'm glad my close friend has come back around.