Sunday, September 4, 2011


I woke up and I seriously COULD NOT BE BOTHERED. I've been meaning to check out the Trash & Treasure markets but I can never wake up after my long work shift.

So instead, I rolled around in bed until 5pm. Then I started recording my song for King out of fun.. It took a couple of hours but I got it done in time for when Kevin came to my house.

Michael, Kevin and I wanted to just try food from around the area - especially pub food. So there was one just around the corner from us. It seemed a little quiet for a Sunday but Raph said the food was good.

Well the PROPORTION was huge, and the meal was great! Michael and I shared a porterhouse steak. It needed a little extra seasoning, and a little more cooking - it was so red that it could've been considered blue steak, and thus a little chewy.

But the pesto, mash and beans were superb! And Kevin said his was great too!

Afterwards, we all hung out at my house. Then Bailey came over as he was in the next suburb, and we all hung about. Michael then left as he had work early the next day.

We talked about stupid stuff.. leading onto money clips and condoms in wallets. Kevin bought 3 money clips and so can't carry condoms anymore. SO AS A BEST FRIEND, he dared me to keep it in my wallet for him. So whenever he meets a girl he can be like, I NEED SOME CHEWING GUM ;) ;) ;) and I'd be the perfect wing man.

But. I didn't want to carry a condom around especially if people snooped around in my stuff. I made him write his name on it so people knew it wasn't MINE AND I thought it was only fair if he carried one of my emergency supplies! HAHA.

Then Bailey shared some of his favourite music with me on some dingy USB he found outside his house.
Reminds me of what my dad would listen to, so it was sweetly nostalgic.