Sunday, September 25, 2011


Kaiser and I hung out before work. I had fun, I know we don't talk much to each other but I can tell we have a lot more in common than we let on. There's a lot going on in that little head of his and its just as noisy as mine.

I went and checked out his new place, the view from his apartment is A-MAZING! I'll show you a photo soon. He then cooked me delicious dinner then dropped me off to work.

Let's fast forward past work. Cool. Oh and a guy gave me his number but wrote in black ink on a black serviette.. smart one!

Everyone's road tripping to places. Michael and the boys are out on a fishing trip and I couldn't go because of work! I would've LOVED to have gone. The amount of fishes they caught seems like the bible story all over again!

Baileys off to Adelaide to gig with his band boys.

And I'm stuck here popping beer bottles and sticking my hand down clogged vomit-looking sinks. HAHAHAHA!

I barely slept and woke up to get picked up by Van (one of the bussies) to meet everyone from work at the Imperial Hotel. We enjoyed some pub grub and watched the UFC main events. Jon Jones is amazing, the risk and creativity he takes to strike was fascinating to watch! We all knew he'd win though.

Afterwards, Nate went home. Van, Sandra, Serkan and I chilled out at Allan's Music looking at guitars then headed to a cute cafe called Puccino's. We weren't sure if it'd be good because it was quiet but after we settled down a whole bunch of people rocked up. AND my green tea chai latte was scrumptious! We also had a truck load of macaroons to the point that the guy gave us complimentary hot chocolate.

We all knew he just wanted to show off his amazing barista skills because he was going on about it at the cashier. It is impressive though haha.

We chilled out, bitched about work, discussed the hospitality industry and decided that 5 hours of hanging out was quite enough. Van and I had an interesting conversation on the way home about business and hospitality.

I went home and blogged, knocked over my cactus and dirt was EVERYWHERE in my room. The vacuum won't suck it up either. AJ invited Bailey over for dinner but I didn't want to ask him as I saw him on Saturday morning and I missed him terribly. That doesn't make me feel good. I'm an independent girl and I don't want to feel needy.
'ello goth

I wasn't going to ask him to come over, but I really needed duct tape.

And chocolate.