Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I went to work and what not, then popped over to Bailey's work afterwards.
I had to get my key cut, well I forgot the letterbox key that I was meant to cut so we cut my gate key.
Put the poster up for work

He let me do it all by myself! It was pretty fun! You had to wear glasses and all and manually glide the blade over the shape of your original one to replicate it. Then you have to file it like finger nails and then buff it!

We then mucked around at his work. Hardware stores are fun. His boss owns a side business so there was this MASSIVE ug boot.

Then we were looking at the keys because there were heaps of those cool old cupboard ones, and we chose one and he engraved onto it. Then I plopped it onto my necklace!

Then I engraved into his tools.. Bailey ASSHOLE! Aren't I just a sweet little cupcake?

We just engraved everything. Then he played a bit of Celine Dion over the work's system for me and quickly changed it to No Doubt before people noticed hahaha.

He even engraved his bike..

Then made me ride it around the store. Geez fixie bikes are pretty scary so I had him hold the whole bike up the whole time. Fixie bikes remind me of paperclips.. due to their fragile simplicity. Bailey started skidding in his store and people PROBABLY thought he was strange/terrible worker.

He piggybacked me all around the store then I piggybacked him all around the store and dumped him at the counter, telling his workmate, "I found this on Aisle 3, did you want it?"

We were just killing time waiting for Michael to pick me up. I then ran out to Michael and we headed down to Chadstone Shopping Centre as it was a VIP night and he was eager to get some shopping done!

When we got there, he decided that he didn't wanna spend and I decided that the sales were too good to resist. I got some crazy ass bargains!

Hahaha I love the fact that Michael is like my straight gay best friend. I showed him every piece of clothing, more than I comfortably show girlfriends because I know he'll tell me honestly and not care if I walk out looking like a lobster and just tell me, "Fucking yuck."
Yeah probably should've used maroon thread..

I bought him a blue cardigan to go with his new blue vans and he loves them! When we got back to mine, we hung out with Raph for a little bit then he gave me a massage while I sewed up these shorts. They were super cheap but it was the last size so I decided to just get them and do a makeshift patchwork. It was difficult because the look is meant to be all shredded but I thought it was a little too much.

I started going crazy with the sewing, putting x's everywhere. Then I put x's on my other pants, then my initials, then my initials on my new boots, then an M on Michael's new shoes (that was my favourite!) then initials on my denim throw over. I kept on going until I ran out of thread and when my neck craned.

My bed has been giving me the aches lately, I don't know if a spring is out or something but the bed feels awkward and I wake up with a lack of sleep/a lot of pain.
Desh and Isti thought it'd be funny to mock what Bailey and I do HAHAHA

I sang some songs on guitar for Michael then he went home. That was a fun day.