Saturday, September 3, 2011

Don Don

We woke up and returned the costumes back. We went and got Vietnamese rolls with beautiful crispy roast pork inside. We said hi to Phuong at work, gobbled our rolls and headed to the shopping centre.

I helped Michael chose something for his father. We picked out a nice shirt that even he liked.

Then he dropped me home and I hung out with Raph the roommate. Bailey texted saying he was outside because he had just finished work, which is near mine.

I was so exhausted though that I fell asleep and woke up to Kevin ringing me and buzzing my front door. What's with people coming uninvited to my place these days?

I owed Kevin dinner, so I bought Kevin and Bailey dinner from Don Don, a Japanese casual dining restaurant.

They walked me to work and I got told that our blackboard was being offered $800 to be bought in untouched condition. Apparently the way it had been wiped down looked like a woman looking down sideways. AND I GOT FREAKED OUT, because I completely saw it when I walked in!

But when I took a photo on my phone, it looks completely different.. so you guys are going to have to use a more obscure imagination.

Then I worked..


ALEXY said...

hey.. the photo looks v interesting and also a tad scary. haha. initially i taught you meant the lady standing like with an elbow out arms on her hips position on the left top corner. but i see the 'face' too on the whole board. interesting!!