Sunday, September 18, 2011


I hung out with Chris and we ate pizza. Chris then met Bailey, then Bailey showed me the song we recorded for Michael. He was helping me fix it up.

Then Michael came to pick me up, and coincidentally - Kevin and Maxim came by to say hello.

We headed on our way. Two of our friends got bashed the previous night and one of them is in hospital so the mood was a little somber. I hope he's okay, he's got internal bleeding going on in his head and has to get transferred. PLEASE make a speedy recovery.

We got to Michael's cousin's house and all of a sudden I broke out crying. I have NEVER done that. Normally I have this emotional build up and then the tears stream out. This time my lips just quivered and a fountain spilled out!

It was because Michael was unintentionally pushing me away because he thought I might want more time with Bailey. This hurt me because Michael's the only person I talk to about everything right now, he's been my grieving companion and I hadn't gotten to grieve in ages. I think it just became a build up.

What's going on with myself anyway? I'm totally losing a grip on my emotional stability. This sucks, I used to be a brick wall.

Anyway, we talked it over and realised that we needed each other. We are good mates and we shouldn't push that away. I think because his family is going through some stuff so he kind of just dumped it onto me which is okay.

We ate DIY Korean BBQ. Phuong, Simon, Michael and I then played ping pong. We chilled out, had cake and I played with Meeko, the cute little pom pom dog (Japanese Spits). I gave Michael his song and he was really happy!

Took me ages to pack my suitcase, I'm spontaneously heading to Sydney to see my sister. Bailey is coming too, we both needed a venture. I'm so excited to see my sister!

I slept in AJ's room that night because I couldn't stand the shit sleep. It felt so weird just jimming into someone else's bed without permission HAHAHA. Oh well, she'll never know unless you pumpkins tell her.
Happy Birthday Michael!