Sunday, September 11, 2011


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I can't handle the pain of no meat! These canines in my mouth need something to crunch on! How do Vegetarians do it?
It is a fun challenge though, I've got a few days left until the week is over!

So Jerome took me out to lunch, and we did the biggest detour to get to the restaurant. We were a little lost, and he was a little hungover. He had katsudon and ate it in slow motion in front of me while I had teppanyaki vegies. It's not like I hated it but the teppanyaki is so much better in meat form.

The place we ate at (Chapel St) is always crazily packed so we had to make do with whatever parking we found. I was super impressed to find that he successfully parallel parked in this tiny spot without hitting anyone! Look how close he was!

On the way home, Jerome busted out the 'Look At Me Now' by Chris Brown instrumental and did the complete Busta Rhymez part without hesitation. I was super blown away! People probably looked at me through their car windows and thought I was going crazy! I had both my hands on my head, my eyes bulged and my mouth gaped wide open!

I got dropped home and Bailey rode over. We bummed about, watched Requiem of a Dream and decided to go out for dinner. He took me to a vegetarian restaurant on Brunswick St called Yong Green.

I had heard of it already because it is number 1 on the top Korean restaurant lists on Urbanspoon. We all know how much I love Korean BBQ so I did my research on whats out there haha! This wasn't Korean BBQ though, it was just vegetarian Korean but hey! It wasn't bad at all!

I ordered dragon bowl because it sounded like Dragonball (my fishy that I adore). The soy beef weirded me out. It had the right texture and then it just tasted like soy bean. I also ordered almond milk, but darn it! I totally forgot that this would be one of those health conscious places because the almond milk tasted like flour. The ones I had in Taiwan and Japan were SUPER sweet and smooth but I guess that would be made out of almond powder and not out of fresh almonds.

The night was as cold as mid-Winter so we couldn't be bothered walking to any dessert places. We stopped by the groceries and got Mango and Vanilla ice cream and ate it at mine. Then Bailey went home and I went to sleep.


lalaaaanita said...

I was vegetarian for two years ... and I figure that if you just stop thinking about the goodness you're missing, you enjoy the food better :) now, I eat seafood, fish, chicken and beef ... though I'm going to give up the latter soon (I feel guilty! :()

just thought I'd let you know that I love your blog, and how you're just so free to post almost anything. I love hearing about other peoples lives ... now I just want to get out and move to Melbourne!