Thursday, September 15, 2011

Taste of Melbourne

All afternoon I recorded 'Breakeven' by The Script for Michael's birthday because its his favourite song. Bailey helped me out being my little producer but we're just keeping the song simple.

We ordered pizza and munched on that while working on the song. Then Kevin picked me up to go to the Taste of Melbourne exhibition. THE FOOD WAS DELICIOUS!

I'm obsessed with the Royal Exhibition Building.. I had all my university exams here. I just find the building absolutely gorgeous. Its the same building I took last time at the Winter Festival!

I missed out on George from Masterchef but that's that guy off Ready Steady Cook!

A lot of gourmet, alcohol and sweets.
We walked, we ate, we drank and we got bloated.

Rice cube..

-Grilled Salmon
-Ginger syrup
-Pecan Toffee
-Rekorderlig Cider
-A truck load of cheese
-Golden syrup ice cream
-Turkish lamb dumplings, garlic yoghurt, sumac, dried mint
-Cold cuts
-73% Absinthe
-Lots of tea
-Mini melts ice cream
-Christmas pudding
-Dips with pretzels
-Dips with doritos
-Juice (Apple, Orange, Coconut, Grapefruit, Tangelo)
-Wasabi Salad
-Bell peppers & olives
-Chilli dip
-Cherry bitters
-Aztec Chocolate bitters
-Celery bitters that was so disgusting that it haunts our memory, we had to chug down so much water
-Mushrooms with Jamie dressing

This is a cake. I'm not sure if it looks scrumptious but it sure is skillful!

We stole 7 gift bags that were only meant for VIP people.. I had no idea until Kevin told me afterwards..

Even the possum outside was happy with his sneaky grab!

Kevin dared me to try out those instant eye lift that all the old people were hustling over at. I felt so stupid but I'll give any dare a go! I could not move my face afterwards.. I tried to squint and instead I just looked stoned. I was expressionless. Like straight afterwards I had the hottest chilli dip and even though it burned my mouth, my face was just like -_-

We then had a free hand scrub and left the place with full stummies!
We ran into some of our friends, and they were completely smashed. One of their friends (obviously dyke) was so smashed she spilled wine all over her chin so I wiped it with my hand straight away because I didn't want all these pompous people looking at her. Then she stared into my eyes, you know that look? That they're smitten? And I just bulged my eyes and was thinking in my head OH GOD NO I'M NOT THAT. And she just goes, "Just do me a favour and drink heaps more. Ok thanks bye!"
Awkward turtle!