Saturday, September 10, 2011


My sister called me and we had a good catch up chat. We bitched about ex-boyfriends and cold weather. She was off to the Blue Mountains so the crazy wind made the conversation difficult to hear.

My mum then called me. I missed her, so we had a decent chinwag over boys, friends, neighbours, travels, life and death. My mum still didn't show much sympathy over King but she was more understanding now. I shared his letters with her and we talked about how talented he was. King's mum had been emailing me and showed interest in being friends with my mum. My mum is a closed coconut though, she only has less than a handful of close friends.

Then I chatted to Deshna again. Gosh, I miss all three of those fine ladies.

Trust is a huge issue in our family, even with each other. My mum was surprised that I had kept King's letters and I told her that I kept everyone's. I read to her one she wrote in 2009 where she scolded us for being lazy and shared with us our history to remind us to be grateful and determined. We laughed at the letter though because she sounded a little melodramatic.

I went to the grocery store to gather ingredients for dinner then waited outside my house for ages. Bailey said he was going to be riding over from work. I then received a text saying, "Are you home yet?"
I said, "Yeah here waiting and been doing so."
Bailey: "Are you really though?"
I was a little confused so I was looking around, thinking Bailey was here but couldn't see me. My neighbours went in and I heard them talking to someone on my balcony so I turned around to look and there Bailey was just nonchalantly chatting to the neighbours like it was his humble abode.

I went inside, grilled Bailey for making me stand in the cold wind for ages. Then I cooked Raph and Bailey dinner. It was pretty yummy for vegetarian, I was impressed! We all hung about then Bailey played guitar.

I could tell that he was a bass player from the way he played guitar. He showed me his band photos and I was so jealous. I want to experience the thrill, trepidation and tension of performing to an audience - but alas, I suck donkey balls so I'll stick to playing in my bedroom.

Bailey fixed my fish tank filter and now they're swimming happily instead of gulping for oxygen at the top of the tank!