Thursday, September 22, 2011


We strolled for ages around Newtown and checked out the burbs. We did a fair bit of walking. For lunch, we had an interesting Thai vegetarian. I actually would have never missed the chicken - the fake one was so good! I was actually really enjoying it. The curry was superb too!

We waited for my friend James to come say hi to me. We got a little bored and spat bubble tea pearls at the poster (Sorry Abbey Lee Kershaw!) We could not stop cackling up in laughter. My sister was terrible at shooting, they came out like when guinea pigs poo, no direction at all.


Then we got ready for dinner at Neil Perry's Rockpool. Apparently one of the best steaks in Sydney! It is a little fancy though!

The building looked like Batman's lair

We then went to Karaoke! We all screamed until our voices were raw and husky. I had midori & lemonade and my sister had VBs (not so classy). John sounded like Bon Jovi, it was crazy! He was wearing his formal corporate outfit then all of a sudden rips out this rock voice hahahaha!

I always called her hippo for that big mouth

I had a really good night :)