Monday, September 19, 2011


I spent the day with Michael, we had brunch then went to a Gold Class session of Johnny English.

The chairs are so awesome but the movie was a massive let down. I expected more out of Rowan Atkinson but I could tell the directing was just lame. The jokes were cringe worthy - I only cracked up in my annoying kookaburra laugh a few times. I was expecting to walk out with sore cheeks and diaphragms.

Afterwards we popped by the hospital to check up on our friend Michael. Did I write about how he got bashed and his head got kicked in? They were monitoring the bleeding in his head but he seems to be recovering fine. We met up with Simon and Phuong as well and hung out by his hospital bed.

We then picked Bailey up and went back to mine. I packed up a few of my final stuff then headed my way to the airport.

The flight was good, to be honest my memory is gone already. My sister and John picked us up from Central Station, went back to my sister's to drop off our stuff then went by Macquarie's Chair to see the exceptional view.
Ghetto train

I think we were all exhausted and we were definitely delirious. We all started waltzing, crumping, and attempted flamenco dancing by the moon light with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge in the background.

Then we went home and got some sleep. It was a terrible night of sleep sharing a tiny bed, with my temple constantly ramming into the corner of the bedside table.