Friday, September 2, 2011

Heroes & Villains

I slept in and then met up with Michael. Darren and him went and got Mario and Luigi and so I went and got The Bride from Kill Bill.

I got a call from one of the bosses. I'm organizing a function for the Melbourne Spring Fashion Festival. There's going to be little markets set up at Baraki with drinks and lattes being served. Sounds fun, but the bosses knew for months and totally forgot about it and decided to tell me 6 days beforehand. So I'm a little stressed

I quickly went home to get ready, eat McDonalds and leave the house. I got to wear sneakers for work instead of heels which was COMFORTABLE!

Most Asians thought I was Bruce Lee and some internationals made a joke that I was Bruce Lee's daughter. Most knew I was Kill Bill and then there were some who thought I was just some strange yellow banana ninja.

It got a little cold so I ended up hopping into the Luigi outfit. That was fun. I got hit on more than any other week and I was wearing a fat suit.

Michael, Thai (who was Mario too) and I danced on stage like hooligans, I was bopping up and down! I had no idea how to move in the suit so I just made a fool out of myself! Hahaha.

The night was good until a fight broke out in the smoking room. One guy was getting kicked into by 6 guys. Michael went over in his fat Mario suit, and so did I. People looked at us as we tried to settle the conflict, like WTF?!

I didn't feel so scared because I had cushioning. I helped wipe the blood that was streaming down the victim's face and tried to calm him. I was holding on strong. I was so proud. I didn't faint. He put blood all over my hands and even spat blood into it, accidentally and I didn't falter.

Until afterwards when Michael and I were talking about it on the way home, did I start to feel light headed. HAHAHAHAHA so I was right, I could never have done medicine.