Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Bird

When Bailey and I went to the Art Gallery, we saw Ai Wei Wei's casual artwork of flipping off everything he took photos of for eg. The White House. So Bailey and I started sending each other photos, where subject turns impudent due to a stubby finger in the foreground.
Tiger Cat


I sneaked into his work and took a polaroid of him as he approached me

I gave it to him and he decided to thank me for it like this

I rubbed in his face that I was on my lunch break (I'm still being vego so I ordered tempura because I can't eat seafood anyway which means I have to have all vegies, perfect!)

But alas, he was at home making dinner for his sister while I was at work (For that Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, the people were so pompous it made me crazy)

So I thought I'd show off the liquor stock cabinet (even though he doesn't drink). I was downstairs eating my friend's dinner because there were no solid food for us to munch on, which meant I had to eat a bit of chicken. My vego week starts again.

He picked me up from my work to go hang out at his

The back of the packet says "Its easier than riding a bike naked" and "You're so good in the kitchen, baby"

We made brownies

I told him that I didn't want to see him anymore. I was adamant. I told him that I was a hustler and I don't like him in that way. He didn't believe me. His theory was that I was just scared and didn't want to get hurt. Especially with losing someone so dearly to me recently, it makes my trust and willingness to get close to people rocky. Of course he was right but I continued to say that I didn't like him and to take me home. We said our goodbyes. He sent me this in the morning.

Some guy vomited on me at work