Friday, September 23, 2011


We had brunch with my sister before she had work. It was overpriced but delicious. We then caught the train to Bondi Junction, checked out the area, had a caramel latte, stole some serviettes to empty out my nose phlegm tap for later on and then headed down to the beach.

It was a fair walk down, we went to the side of the main beach where there were many rocks and caves. It was beautiful. I told myself that I would not think about the many things that have been bothering me of recent while I'm in Sydney. I couldn't help it today. My mind wandered and I tried to block it out.

Bailey and I sat on a little seaside hide out and I cleared my mind. I stared at the sea, I stared at the sky, I stared at Bailey and figured out what I wanted. I wanted a new guitar, a semi acoustic one. I wanted a life of happiness not money, I wanted music. Hell no I'm not that good but I've gotta stop putting myself down. Music settles my mind in a peaceful state. I'm not saying that I've decided to career-wise aim towards music, I just mean I gotta stop being ashamed and pushing my passions away.

As for career, I'll worry about that later. I think right now I gotta concentrate on learning who I am, what I like and heal some wounds. I've realised that Bailey is good for my troubled soul. I'm in no way saying that I should be serious with him, I'm just saying that his company is good. He understands me and helps me sort shit in my squishy pink brain.

Same with Michael, ever since Michael and I have gotten really close as good mates I've realised that my self-esteem and confidence has grown a lot. Even my mum called me and said that I seem healthier and happier.

I'm happy. Sydney was good for my soul.

I don't know why but I love this photo that I took, even though my camera is not fancy

We then walked around to peer over to the main beach but we never set foot in it. I hate how commercialised that beach is. The winds and dark clouds suddenly swept over so we had churros, chai lattes and mint hot chocolates then set off back home.

Hey birdies!

We packed our bags, met up with my sister and John. Chit chatted, grabbed a cheap but frigging awesome Japanese bite, met up with James and his strange little friend quickly then caught the train to the airport.

AJ is back from Indonesia!

Home sweet home. Ah, humbug.


Richard Uttley said...

I know you don't believe you're that good, but there's a lot of people I know that believe you really are that good and you should really try to do something with your music because you have a very unique voice and one that I am sure with the right backing could be heard and will want to be heard by the masses. I prefer it when it's just you and your guitar doing solo stuff but I would ove to see you with a full band behind you. Have faith in yourself and faith in those that have faith in you. If only I could afford your flight as well as your studio time then you could come to the UK and record a proper demo. One day hopefully, and I'm pleased you're thinking about your music again. Take care :)

Tim V. said...

I've heard your music for some time now and I get why you're not that confident about it. You've got room left to grow, and that could be a great thing I think. Just try a range of vocal sounds and decide which one you like best. Experiment. You've got some connecting to the soul to do, and once you've done that,you'll hear its resonance in your music. The rest you've got down, no doubt.