Monday, September 12, 2011

Migraine Remedy

I had work in the morning/early afternoon.
They grilled me when I got in because the place was left in a mess over the weekend. I wasn't here because I felt sick so the cafe guys kinda stopped pushing it onto me because they realised its not really my fault.
I gotta make a checklist so in the case that I'm not there, everything will still be spick and span.

My phone completely died, the Sim card blew up or something so I called my service provider to figure it out. I had a date with Bailey that day but we hadn't been in contact.

I called him afterwards, to hear him answer the phone in a groggy manner. He woke up with a migraine and couldn't see anything, all he saw was white spots? I've never had a migraine so I didn't understand.

I've only ever had headaches and shooting pains that feel like someones stabbing me with glass, but that only lasts for like 5 seconds and then my life carries on.

I told him that I'd go to his and cook him lunch so he wouldn't starve. I was starving already so I hurried along to the grocery stores. I went there and I just thought to myself, "SHIT. What do I make?"

I just kept thinking of chicken and beef meals. I had to wing a vegetarian dish so I thought I'd make a curry. That way, all the flavours wouldn't make me miss and realize that I had no meat in my dish. I bought fruits, peanut m&ms and ginger beers.

I went over and gosh I was pretty impressed with my curry. I had no idea where everything was in his kitchen, and I had never used a fancy tin can opener either so that was a challenge HAHA.

Did I tell you guys that I used to have a phobia of the kitchen? I had never touched a knife or cooked in a kitchen prior to moving out of home. My mum always tried to tempt me but I was way too scared of blood and I saw the kitchen as a health hazard.

But when I moved out I realised that I'd have to either learn or spend a lot on eating out. The good thing about that is that, I only know my own recipes. I've conjured up my own dishes and even my mum is impressed and wanted me to cook for her in Brisbane. But now that I have my own set of skills, I want my mum to teach me the traditional recipes. You know, because I taught myself - I don't know any basics? I can make an Irish stew but I can't fry an egg.

Anyway, the curry was pretty frigging good. Bailey had a nap and I played on his guitar that had a missing string. I then killed time on his computer and spent a lot of time on my phone.

Chris, ex-boyfriend, was stirring up shit which I didn't really understand. His friends were hating on him but had my back about stuff that I had no clue about. I didn't really want to get into the drama, but I just wanted my things back from him. He was being a little stubborn about giving it back to me, saying that I was selfish and should give him time. I told him that if he gave it back to me then all ties are cut and then he can go on with his life.

Anyway, he needs to get over me. His expectations out of friendships were overwhelming because he had the two worlds crossed. I'm not his girlfriend anymore.

Mum called me and I had a huge bitch session with her. Then my sister called me and I had a huge bitch session with her. Gosh, I love my family. We are all cold hearted, stubborn cynics.

I was thinking of going to visit her in Sydney soon. I need a getaway. Actually, I need a getaway bigger than that and I'm working on thinking about what to do. I've only got a month to decide what to do with my life before my mum gets ownership and pulls the plug. Thoughts are completely raping my mind.

Bailey and I then had a jam session. I gotta admit that it was pretty cute. He played bass and I played guitar and sang. We went through a few songs.
I fell asleep and then he woke me up to take me home.

Today is Moon Festival, the Chinese normally celebrate it for 3 days, the first day (14th day of the 8th month), you welcome the moon, the 15th, you marvel at the moon, the 16th, you chase after the moon.