Monday, September 5, 2011

Captain Bartholomew

Your dawning day is of the waning moon,
Your shining star is of the blackest sky,
Your song is the mocking bird's time
Who knows not how to fly
No less, what's more is what must be
Yours is a love tried and true,
For the moon of waning night is me
The light this dawning day is you

I went to work and did my shiz nizzle. I had a meeting with Michael the big boss that was sprung onto me and I felt so lame walking through the corporate area in sneakers and a baggy jumper.

I should dress a little nicer to work even though its only me there doing my own thing. After Michael and I discussed the function that's happening this Thursday (it is for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, they're having a night market at Baraki with designers having their own stalls).

Michael picked me up and we went to return one of the other costumes and then the Aquarium. I stayed up all morning with Captain Bartholomew because he was floating vertically and looked like he was having a spasm.

I was so upset. A month after King's passing and Captain Bartholomew leaves me. I knew by the time that I was leaving to work that it was already too late, and he had gone.

We went to the aquarium to get some kind of solution. The guy told us that we were feeding them wrong, but FUCKING HELL (sorry for swearing but I love my fishies) his colleague was the one that told me to feed them high protein meals twice a day instead of once a week.
Sweet Potato

I was pretty upset inside. I did buy two more fishies though, Pumpkin and Sweet Potato so that I can make the fish count up to 8, my lucky number. I bought proper food and left the shop, bittersweet.

We went back to mine and buried Captain Bartholomew in my pot plant on the balcony. I was so sad.. but he has now gone to explore a different world. Captain Bartholomew was an adventurer you see! His big bulbus brain allowed him to be a leader. HAHAHA. And he died for the team, so that I could learn that I was feeding them wrong before they all died. Totally admirable.
Some fish species called Niger Trigger

I cleaned the tank thoroughly and realised that my water was getting contaminated. It came out cloudy white but I left it for now as I had nothing else.

I then had a nap and was awoken by Michael telling me that Phillip was calling. He was outside without warning again.

I let him in but he was carrying a rose and a long box. He said that he'd rather hang where no one was around so we hung out in the garage. I opened the box to find 15 roses, each with a note tied around it.

I'll admit that it was a little overwhelming. Each note said:
1. Your eyes are addictively attractive
2. When I think of you.. you make it rain knowing it will shine afterwards
3. You're brave and not afraid to bite back
4. You're beautiful
5. I miss you
6. You're fragile but strong
7. The way you smile..
8. I've fallen for you
9. You're stubborn as an ox
10. You have a good heart
11. You give a grown man butterflies
12. You're an onion that makes my soul sting
and on the fake roses it said, "My heart will be yours until the last rose falls for you."

............hmm I know he reads my blog so..

I told him that I'm a cold hearted bitch to him, that I give him shit and show him the worst part of me. I give him nothing, I don't lead him on, I never feed his feelings - but he said he can't control it and he likes me for the worst part of me.

I'm sure he knows that my feelings don't correspond. He spent the night trying to convince me to go on a date with him, even saying that the roses warrants a date. I got a little mad, saying that giving me flowers doesn't give you any privileges.

He took it out on Bailey a little, jokingly with dry seriousness. Bailey has an arm, legs and chest of tattoos and so Phillip said I was just like him with.. only two tattoos and that I'd probably date him [Phillip] if he turned into a Neo-Nazi (Bailey has a jar head look about him) and listened to German rock.

I just stood there doe-eyed and just told him to calm down.

Raph ended up jimming in, topless and interrupted Phillip trying to convince me to go on a date with him. I had to go out with Michael, so I hurried him along.

I just told him that I'd think about going on a date, but I need convincing. I'm only wanting fun, and no seriousness and Phillip is the polar opposite.

He even said to me, when I was your age I dated a lot and it got no where.. I knew what he was trying to say to me (that I should just stick to one and that's him) but I told him we're at different life stages and I gotta figure that out for myself.

Then Michael and I picked up Simon and went to Crown Casino. Phuong met us there and we watched Friends with Benefits (for my second time). I ended up talking to James, the engineering tutor remember?

My attitude has changed though, before I had an ultimate high school crush on him, and now I still do but I'm just not interested. We are having drinks next Friday though.