Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Akihabara, Asakusa, Tokyo Tower

I'm so tired from all this walking so expect a very blunt blog.
Walked around Shibuya to find an international bank and a foreign exchange centre. Finally found them both!

Caught a train to Asakusa - I bought two big daruma, a black lucky neko and a kimono doll. I also bought the bag that got stolen from me at the start of year! YAY!

Went to Tokyo Tower - I bought a build yourself nano block panda, a little notebook so I dont forget any details to blog and instructions on how to get to places.. and I think thats it!

Went to Akihabara and bought myself a new digital Ricoh camera wowohwohwohohoohoho (I think I deserve a new camera after 4 years of having the same one.. right?), a figurine, spent about 1000 yen on arcade games, ethernet adapter and a plug converter.

All the crazy cables I need to make this baby run..

IM SO SORE, good night babies! Everyone thinks my friend is Japanese and that I am a full on foreigner so its funny when they look to him to converse in Japanese and then I butt in and say he doesn't understand and then I go and speak my [shit] Japanese. Hahaha! I forget that people stare at half casts in Asian countries!


Richard Uttley said...

Loving it, keep it coming. Glad you're having a good time. No one would hate you if you decided to catch up on your blog when you got back home :) I'd miss you, but wouldn't hate you, lol. Make the most of it (I'm soooooo jealous!) xx