Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Today was a quiet day.
We woke up super late expecting to use the bicycles and go riding around Daikanyama and Nakameguro - but that failed when we got told there was only one left.

So we caught a train to Harajuku, to meet up with Scratch-san. I was going to get my tattoo that I've thought about for 3 years. But don't tell anyone! I'm only telling my blog readers.

It didn't hurt at all! My operations hurt more and I was expecting it to be worse! But I eventually just kind of napped and listened to my ipod haha!

How embarrassing.. my fly was undone

Afterwards I went to my dad's bar again and he made us dinner! :) I bummed around playing his ukulele and he taught me a bit of harmonica then he gave me his one! He said he has heaps so it doesn't matter. That made me happy.

After dinner he went to call my sister though, and I was wondering why he never tries to call me - or even email. Mum said that I was his favourite daughter because I was the first one, and probably the one he spent most time with because he pretty much disappeared after Jana was born. Bleh.

Well my sisters upset and we're talking. I won't go into details because that's her life but we're talking about how much love he's been showing me when I come over to the bar but why he didn't even maintain emails, or help us with child support or even just send a card on my birthday. Just little things. The littlest, simplest thing.

It makes me wonder what he really thinks, if this 'love' is just a front. He introduces me to all his customers, showing his daughter off - but that's just a label to me. He's a father by blood, but who is he?

I don't know what a father is.
Daddy and stepmummy Kay in kitchen.

A regular that was there last night came in to give me souvenirs.. I didn't think it was going to be a bagful! I just thought it was one keychain AWWW! HAHAHA


Richard Uttley said...

We want photos of the tattoo :P

Anonymous said...

Only you, pervert.