Monday, September 6, 2010

Blood Test

Yesterday morning I felt TERRIBLY sick again, I know you're sick of hearing such repetitive blogging.

I couldn't go to school at all, and I felt better at around 2pm - so I got ready to go to the doctors - but the swelling had gone down but I was determined for them to give me some antibiotics or something. Even though I know antibiotics do nothing for viruses :(

Anyway I went to the doctor and she was like, WHAT? You've totally been misdiagnosed! We need to get a blood test because she thinks its glandular fever. Absolutely makes sense, very sleepy, lethargic, swollen glands (not tonsils), URTI - no swollen spleen though.

For those of you who know me, I'm shit scared of blood. SHIT SCARED. And the idea of it coming out of me? Even more shit scared. The last time I had blood test was so traumatic that it compounded on my fear as well.

Last time I was like, "OH I'm abit scared of blood so I'm sorry" and she just laughed at me like silly! You're a big girl now. And I was like :(
Anyway she was making me pump my arm and she stabbed in my left like about 5 times and couldn't get the vein so she just laughed it off and was like oh hahah lets swap arms!
At that time I was feeling so faint that I was like omgomgomgomgomgomg and she just yelled at me like, "Grow up! You're nearly an adult and you're behaving like this!" And I'm thinking, JESUS you're stabbing my arm multiple times and I'm scared of blood what am I meant to think!

Anyway she stabbed another few times into my right arm and couldn't do it either, she started stressing out so she got the Senior Nurse to do it. The Senior Nurse couldn't do it either (I was trying to keep my head from being conscious so bad at this point of time).
She had to swap to this needle and connected to like a machine pump and had to pump it out of me, she gathered like a whole bottle and she just poured it into a little vile and threw the rest out!
I felt so sick so imagine how scared I was for this blood test.

The doctor assured me that this nurse was awesome. That nurse really was awesome. She was in and out like a sweet apple pie and she just let me go dizzy into my hand and stare at these pretty pictures. I stood up and told her I had to sit back down again and she was like OKAY LET"S BREATHE TOGETHER, IN OUT IN OUT IN OUT!

She was actually really good but I caught a glimpse of my blood and when I walked out I just collapsed infront of all the patients. Hahahaha, I woke up next to my friend who coincidentally was going to the doctors as well and she was just talking to me for the next 30 minutes to calm me down. I signed off and went on my merry way :)

That was pretty much my day, I played with Ethan for a bit but I wasn't very interactive because I felt sick. But look at how cute he is in his makeshift caboodle. I was the monster that he was shooting and killing.

My mum was actually going to fly down tonight to take care of me but I really didn't want to inconvenience her. I miss mum and I miss Desh.

One week until Japan!


Richard Uttley said...

Bless you Deena. I've nearly flown from the UK to look after you xx

Serena said...

im scared of blood as well. :D there was one time when i went to visit my bro in the hospital bc he got injured and the next thing i knew was me on the next bed bc i fainted. hope you get well soon :D

chocoloby said...

going to japan?!?! take me~im boooored!