Thursday, September 9, 2010


I slept all day until 12pm. Then I went to Engineering - I felt a little sick already so I didn't wash my hair when it was due in for a washing. Bad mistake, because the hot engineering tutor that I had last semester and whom I am immensely infatuated with, came into my class.

He waved a hello to me! And was happy to see me, then 20 minutes later he handed me the test to do that I missed out on while I was sick. Hahahha we also then chatted in the middle of class for like 20 minutes.
My friends finally got to see who this dude was and was threatened by his charming looks, divine dimples and sultry, low voice. Hahahahahahaha!

He told me to call him if I ever needed help with Engineering weow! Hahahahhahaha

Martin and I texted all throughout that class like little kids, even though we were only like 10m away from each other. I was trying to save him from his group members, and he was trying to calm down my school girl crush on that hot tutor.

I went to go see a friend after but I was super hungry so I stopped by to get some Krispy Kremes nomnomnom! I also bought a moleskine book :)

I pretty much just slept until I got a text from my sister saying... THAT MUM WAS GOING TO BE AT MY HOUSE IN ONE HOUR. I was going skitz! I was stressing! I had to do so much before Japan that I was worried so much about mum coming down! I can't take her to fancy places and I have to catch up on school work! I went frantic cleaning the house and trying to call my friends to organise a pick up from the airport.

But I miss her and love her, and we spent the whole night just catching up :) I also introduced her to my big brother Kevin, who brought me my polaroid back and also gave me soup & two toblerones! YUM

I'm happy.