Friday, September 3, 2010


Well, today Wubs came over to make me a beasty lunch. The ultimato soup to make my sickness wilt and my energy prevail!
I was feeling so sick that in the 5 hours that he was over, I was probably asleep for 4 of them! Nevertheless, the soup was awesome and it really did make me feel a lot better! Thank you!

I then drove in the city by myself for the first time in my friend's car! I picked him up from work but I was so proud I actually even found the way without using a map!

Dinner came and I was close to calling it off because of being sick but I called it back on because I didn't want him to make the effort of bringing me takeaway. We went for Korean BBQ and that was the bomb. I know I always talk about Korean BBQ and say that was the bomb - because it really is.

Oh yeah guys, a pick up line you could use one day which my best friend Deshna loves is,
"Hey is your dad a terrorist?"
*Wait for answer*

Kevin and I enjoyed a massive feast of Gochujang Pork Belly, Marinated bulgogi scotch fillet, beautiful side dishes like kimchi, and a calamari salad! We both had calpico drinks, mine Melon his grape!

After dinner we went over to Hush Bar to join the others for drinks. I told myself that I was going to go home at 9 because I was sick. I ended up having about 4 drinks though!
It was a lot of fun until - my mate's girlfriend started dancing with these two black gentlemen and I pulled her over to me like "Come on dance with me!" But she was like "No!" and walked back over to them.
We were all like shit shit shit shit because we didn't want Koston walking in on the scene and it didn't look very clean either.
He finally came over and shoved the black dudes and they walked off like "Yeah mate sorry okay.."

But they were sneaky snakes, they ran all the way around to king hit Koston from the back and then shit broke loose. Luckily the security stopped it in time and kicked the two lads out but everyone was all worked up and Koston was angry and upset.

It was 9 by the time and I stayed for a little while trying to calm them down, but the boys went on a man hunt for those two lads so I decided to just go home - and wow I literally just crashed to sleep.

Yeah.. I look really sick in the photos.