Saturday, September 11, 2010


I woke up at 10 - to the sounds of mum flitting around the kitchen, bathroom, lounge, study room.. whatever they're all in the same vicinity.

Mum made me call the theatre company to see if West Side Story was booked out, I waited half an hour on the phone to hear a 30 seconds "Mmmm no we're booked out til Wednesday sorry" LAME.

I had a shower and ate some strawberries on the toilet. Mum told me I was weird but I rather think of myself as an ultimato time saver.

Mum began to do that usual whine of "IM HUNGRY DEENAAAAAA" so we decided to go down the road to my cute local bakery..
Old photo but Rachel just tagged me in it - this is the bakery!

She got herself a mighty toasted sandwich and yep, a coffee. I just watched her eat her food like a hawk, and she ate hers like a seagull.

Then Chris picked us up to take mum to her favourite store on Bridge Rd. Mum went crazy and bought heck loads of clothing.

Then we went into a men's store and mum and I decided to make Chris try on some.. stuff.. mens clothing? work clothing haha.

Mum ended up buying Chris two shirts and a sweater - and I ended up learning that Chris takes forever to try on clothes. Worse than me I reckon.

I was starting to feel the shopping urge - I wanted to be spoilt. My time was to come though, don't you worry my little sweet cupcakes, I was going to get major spoiled.

I went into a cute little clothing store and bought a culotte. The girl that was at the register went to Lourdes Hill College as well and we just looked at each other and she was like, "WEREN'T YOU IN THE GRADE BELOW ME?"

I went into the first shoe store I saw and wanted to try on these boots that I wanted to try on all throughout winter - and now they were marked down to 150 FROM 300! SCORE.
They are so sexy, but I do have to be careful with how I dress them - it could be borderline prostitute.

Anyway, as I thanked the girl for waterproofing and selling me my new found boots, she asks me, "Do you blog?"
I was like "Yeahhh.." (starting to blush and my brains started pumping adrenaline into my system)
She said she read it and she asked if it was like "Deena.. something" And im like WOOOOOW thats freaky as! But small world right? I gave her my link again and she said she'd leave a comment.

Hahaha she was the biggest ball of cuteness.

And I walked away feeling that whole 6 degrees of separation phenomenon. CRAZY COOL!

We had lunch at Nandos then moved onto Smith St.

Chris bought me two Nike sneakers, YAY! I'm a spoilt brat yay! Yay! YAAAAAAYAYAAYAYAYAYY! Thank you Christopher... :)

Um, one gigantic size of a bag?

Then we went back to mine and chilled out for a bit. At 7:30 I introduced my all time favourite security guard and close friend, Mohammad to my mother! Then we went on a tram journey to Sushi Masa!
We had lovely little dishes such as croquette, tonkatsu, beef tongue, sashimi etc.

Tram Restaurant..

Then we went to Brunetti's again to buy Mohammad some dessert - how awesome is this cake! NOMNOMNOMNOM


Hasan said...

cakes were really awesome... u have the best mom..