Monday, September 27, 2010

Bye Nippon

It was the last day of my Nippon days, and it ended like the start - with pouring rain. Japan was sad for our arrival and sad for our departure, I guess I grew on the nation haha.

We packed and checked out, then went to Roppongi for lunch with my friend, Masato. At the train station I realised that it was time to take a photo with my lover, Ken Watanabe. MMMMMMMM <3

Masato treated us to some fine dining lunch, and I felt so bad for him treating us all. The meal was delicious and very interesting! It was also my last time with my favourite sushi, chuutoro. Thank you Masato for lunch :)

We hung out around Roppongi for a little bit then returned to the hotel to collect our bags and head to Shibuya station to catch the Narita Airport express! By then my friend was really running low on money so I was paying for everything, but the train tickets drained me and I only had about 10 dollars left.
A Cave asian kitchen?!?!


Last meal in Japan, CHEESE KATSU!

Sigh, we waited to check in for a long long time - and while I was waiting I saw the flight attendants checking in. That 50 yr old seed that was on my plane on the ride to Japan, the one that hit on me and touched me inappropriately?!?!?! HE WAS ON THERE AGAIN. I WAS SPEWING. I avoided him for the plane ride and I did not go to the toilet at all for 10 hours haha.

Look at my chips on the plane because of air pressure, haha!

I miss Japan already.