Monday, September 20, 2010


Well today we went to Odaiba.. which is the revolutionary, architectural area of Japan. Situated on a man made island it boasts crazy looking buildings, a driverless monorail, lots of shopping and arcade/amusement parks.

I sound like I'm advertising - but I didn't find it that great. I did run into a Blythe exhibition which was pretty cool but I'll just put up a few pictures...

Shopping mall.. Venus Fort

New jacket YEAH

Blythe Collection

If you want to see more Blythes - ask me! I didn't want to flood the page haha.


ONE MASSIVE KATSU! Nah its just a display :P

We got two out of the machine!!

Boobie face... hahaha

I don't know what Gundam robot condoms are for..

Lego Buzz

I made my own legos! And i got sucked into buying the LGM keychain.. its my favourite disney character okayy!!

Pokemon themed Mcdonalds

I know I'm so mean but I thought it was funny.. hahahaha

And I finally worked up the courage to go see my dad. I can't believe I remembered how to find his bar! It was pretty flukey. When I got there, my step mother was outside and she was just like, with no excitement, "He's in the kitchen" and the regulars were like "OH MY WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!?"
Then I walked into the kitchen and poked my head through the window and he just freaked out! Came out gave me a hug and cried!! He was like, what are you doing trying to give me a heart attack! Don't do this to me! Give me a warning next time!!
I was happy :)
Then we all hung out and we were talking about weight and Steve (dad's best friend) was like I bet you were never fat and my dad butts in like, "Yeah once. In her first year. She was like a roast turkey"
Hahaha I thought that sounded cute, I'm a roast turkey baby! My dad had the mandolin sitting by the bar waiting for me so I'm taking that home :) and he gave me guitar strings too! He was meant to post the mandolin on my 18th birthday.. but that was 9 months ago. He then whipped out his guitar and was telling me to play it and I was like NO WAY NOT INFRONT OF ALL THESE CUSTOMERS! But they all rooted me on so I did like a verse and chorus and put it down. I was blushing and shaking all over and people even stopped by walking past to listen. How embarrassing!
I came home happy and sad.. like a joyous sad you know?

dad in kitchen

gig area




This dog.. does not move. You might as well buy a toy hahaha!

I can see where my strange creativity comes from.. porcelain china self made into a sink hahahaha in the womens bathroom





T.K.B.O.K.I said...
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T.K.B.O.K.I said...

oooooooooo.......... what out D got her big tattoo done lol!! what does it look like!! show some photos of ur awesome tattoo!!! did u tattoo my face one i bade u did lol just joking! lol