Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I stayed awake for Deshna's call at around 9am, and we had a lovely catch up chat. Its been good to talk to her day in and day out lately, I'm so lucky.

I slept from then until 12, to get ready for my doctor's appointment. I stuffed in some tuna in my mouth and went on my merry way. Dr Austin told me that I had glandular fever and he also found that I had atypical pneumonia so I'm on antibiotics for that.

Glandular fever? Well that's just rest rest rest. And I can feel it too, all I ever want to do is sleep.

I'm also low on Vitamin D so I thought it was important to buy myself some Caltrate tablets!

Afterwards, I went to go eat lunch by myself and meet up with Ryan from my Engineering group to finish off the assignment. I saw this bin on fire, I got the worst photo of it - but here you go! I promise there was a lot of smoke but I got the photo when the wind blew it away... lame.

After meeting up with Ryan and finishing off the assignment, I went into the city to get more of my smorkin' labbit collection. I GOT THE SAME ONE FOR ONE OF THEM, DAMMIT! And its a shitty one too - the yellow smiley one..

I bought myself a pie from Pie Face (I'm in love with the chicken and mushroom one!)
Then I prank called James saying I was an operator from 3 and was wondering if he was interested in a free upgrade. He got sucked in hard and was answering all my questions and was believing that he was going to get another free phone with his contract. Sucker!

I slept until about 11pm, went to get McDonalds which was THE BEST QUARTER POUNDER EVER! I seriously wanted to run back in and be like, "Tell that burger artist that he is skilled" Yum yum!

Then I fell asleep at 1am.

I'm worried about my schooling and grades, I'm worried I'll bore everyone with my sleeping stories, I'm worried I won't be well in time for Japan

P.S Look how skilled I am, I knotted the snake inside my mouth! (this was my 2nd knot.. the first one broke into two when I went to take a photo :( )