Thursday, September 23, 2010


It rained like babies crying, but that didn't deter us from a fun filled day. Well, I think it was more for me but OH WELL :)
We went to Ryogoku Kokugikan where the Sumo Festival is on to reserve tickets for tomorrow.

We caught the train to Hamamatsucho which is the home to the beloved, renowned POKEMON CENTRE! YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY MASSIVE CHILDHOOD RIGHT HERE!! With the little money I had left, I went a little crazy - I bought figurines, tshirt and keychains. It was so packed and busy I just wanted to yell at the kids, "ITS A THURSDAY - GO TO SCHOOL! MOVE MOVE!" But I soon learned that it was a public holiday today.

bought this tshirt hahaha

choosing which pokemons to FIGHT! nah joking, to buy hahaha

So cute but too expensive for my poor pockets

Me and my bag of happiness with the new games behind me WOO


Afterwards we went to Minatomirai again because last time we went the shops were already closed. My friend went crazy at XLARGE and then we went to Yokohama to go to Tokyu Hands, Vivre and to eat some dinner. I thought it was time to have some real Japanese nibbles, so we picked a restaurant that you climbed up the stairs to in a dingy street.

I got busted for taking photos in the disney store, UH OH

WELL the menu was like this...

Wubs was trying to take a picture of how red my cheeks were

Yeah this one was more successful

Which means that there was no pretty pictures for me to just shove my fat finger onto to order - so I pretty much asked for recommendations and asked for the ones I knew. It was so delicious though, thankfully!

I then popped by over to ABC Mart to buy shoe laces for Quinton, but I ended up buying shoes for myself. By then I remembered what I was actually here for, and I'm sorry Quinton - I didn't realise at the time that I had seriously no money left. I only bought two laces (black and white) because they were 350 yen each and I was down to 1000 yen. Laters!

Then in the pouring rain, we returned home :)


chocoloby said...

awww~you could've just ignored my laces, but thxxxx!!