Saturday, September 4, 2010


Today was Justin's birthday and a barbecue was in cue at his place! So I got dropped off to Kevin's house at around 1. We drove to Mill Park which is yonkers away btw! And we stopped by a supermarket to pick up some drinks and ice.

We ran into Koston and Brandon there, and I was teasing Koston all day about his drunken call to me last night after his aggressive episode and he kept saying he loved me throughout the 20 minute phone call. I think my favourite line was when he said, "How do I get into your heart? Do you want a cheeseburger? I'll buy you a cheeseburger!"

Anyway he was really embarrassed that that had happened, but he's embraced it and now we call each other lovers (Jokingly of course). We went off to Justin's and his house is so adorable!

The food was the BEST, we all sat around like family on a dining table and ate and chatted! I called my cup the Lil Jon Cup - you know that big party cup Lil Jon has and says "YEAHHHH" to? Yeah that's what it reminded me of. I got pretty tipsy off the mojito - though I had to say that it looked like pond water first.

Afterwards we played guitar hero until I got picked up by Chris at 5:30 to go watch my friends dance at a competition. We got there and Chris had to go upstairs with all the other contestants so I sat with Vlad and Jacqui.
This is Vlad, he was the one that taught me how to krump a little the other night.

I wore my black nike sneakers and Chris forgot to bring black shoes so he was just staring down at mine so he stole them to dance in and I had to wear these shitty canvas shoes that just seem like I'm wearing socks. And because it had been raining they weren't very durable!

All the dancers on stage to hear the results!

It was hilarious because my friends actually organised this crew like a month ago to just do for fun but they ended up coming 2nd. Their routine was so funny and cheeky I guess its not hard to understand why the judges loved them! They got 700 cash in prize money as well so everyone decided to party it up.

$350 was being spent on alcohol, $150 on KFC and the $200 will go to a BBQ next weekend. Chris and I volunteered to get the KFC so off we went! The first KFC we went to was closing in about 15 minutes so they denied our big order of 5 big mixed bucket feasts, so we travelled all the way near to the city where there is the 24 hr KFC and ordered our banquet. We waited for about 25 minutes for the food to be all freshly cooked and the staff were nice and packed everything and helped bring it to the car as well haha.

When we arrived at Jacqui and Wes' house everyone attacked into the food like seagulls!

You can see that I'm already tucked in eating next to the blue hat Steven.

I got pretty drunk that night - and I regret so much any of the following events that happened thereafter. All I remember is, girls dancing on top of me, me dancing on chairs, krumping against boys and crawling ontop of Linh. Even remember just screaming "Linh!" in everyone's faces that night. I am pretty sure I made an awesome impression on anyone who was meeting me the first time, oops! (That was sarcastic by the way)
Either way, it was super duper fun! Hahahaha