Friday, September 24, 2010

Bicycling Sumos

Well I woke up at around 10 am this morning, it was the day for bicycles. So we rushed downstairs, got the bicycles and then outside decided what to do.

We knew that we had to be elsewhere at 3.30 so we planned to just ride around and see how we go. We rode to Daikanyama, then Ebisu, then Aoyama then Roppongi then Shibuya then back to Ebisu - along the way I found an international bank so instead of running on ten dollars I now have 100.. which is still not that much hahaha.

Then we parked it on a random street at Ebisu to go to Ryogoku Kokugikan. I had a good nap on the train, then we arrived.

We decided to have lunch first, which was gyoza and yakitori etc. Yum yum! The restaurant was huge! And they even have their own mini sumo ring for special events.

We then went to the stadium to watch some Sumo wrestling. On the way there I saw a Sumo so I was like CAN I TAKE A PHOTO WITH YOU? And he was so sweet and was like sure! Then there was another one so I was like JOIN ME and he just grumbled and walked over. Afterwards all these people wanted photos too but they just ignored and walked away how lucky am I!

It was a great experience watching the matches. Only thing is waiting for each one and all the suspense of when its going to start. But when it does, it sure cracks fire.

After we went back to Ebisu but it took a while to find where we parked the bicycles, and cycled home! I rested a little bit then headed off to my dad's bar.

Had a delicious dinner arguing about AFL (Australian Football League) and then I spent an hour teaching myself harmonica, then the last hour I helped out in the bar pouring Guinesses and drawing pictures in the foam and also eating a Caramel Macchiato icecream (dude, it's mesmerizing). On the way home it was raining so my dad just gave me one of his customer's umbrellas - haha!


Priscilla said...

hey! im that random girl from the shoe store :) i said i'd leave you a comment so here you go :D :D you look like you're having HEAPS of fun at Japan,away from ol cold and dreary melbourne,oh lucky you :( anyways,looking forward to your reply!! it was nice meeting you in person and im surprised i recognised you cause i think i just stumbled upon your blog about a year ago and started reading it for a while :) im still reading it now! (as creepy as it is)