Sunday, September 26, 2010


Sunday I went to my dad's bar for the last time.
I went crazy with his engraving pen and engraved my camera, phone and iPod. It looks hideous but it was a lot of fun haha.

I took home the mandolin and harmonica that he gave me and just as I reached my station, the rain broke out in pouring rain.

I was sad all on the train ride and the walk home because it was the last time I could see him for a long time. I was all by myself and it was even more melodramatic with the rain pouring down.

But then these two boys came up to me and was like, take the umbrella! And I said no please don't worry! And they said that they were home soon, right near the train station so I should take it. And one boy was giving me a huge grin saying, TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT!

I took it with the biggest grateful smile on my face, and that umbrella was a token of how the world does give back sometimes. All my sadness vanished with the raindrops that hit the ground. YAY


Cathy said...

awwww, thats so sweeeet!