Friday, September 10, 2010

Squires Loft

I woke up at around 12 - all I heard was the wailing of mother reverberating through my small shoebox of an apartment as she complained how hungry she was.

We decided to go to the post office first as she had sent a parcel over a week ago but I hadn't got any notice for it. When we went there, we found out that they did have a parcel for a certain Deena. Lazy bastards.

We met up with Wubs and took a tram into the city where mum wanted some Xinjiang food. We went to that dingy corner store on Swanston street and mum pigged out bad. I told her that she was ordering too much but I think her stomach got the better of her. She ordered lamb shank soup, a plate of chicken and mushroom dumplings and 15 grilled lamb shish kebabs. In the end I ate most of everything.

We then took her to San Churros because my mother has an addiction to coffee. Mum had a cappucino (typical), David had a latte and I had a hot chocolate with marshmallows. My mum also pigged out on some truffles.

Now you know where my piggy appetite comes from.

We all went back to my place and Wubs went home - my mum like a fat little piggy, rolled over on my bed and napped. Afterwards we did my laundry together.
I think these stockings got stretched way too much in the wash - anyone want stockings up to your chest?

At around 7:30pm, Chris picked us up to take us to Squires Loft - the steakhouse in Docklands. He wore a cute little sweater to play the good boy look and I wore the dress that mum bought me last time she was in Melbourne.

Mum ordered Caesar salad because she was bloated from lunch, I had a beautiful eye fillet and not so beautiful baked potato. Chris had a porterhouse steak.

Upon finishing dinner we moved locations back to my area, where we had dessert at the populated and renowned Brunetti's. Yum yum yum! I had this adorable Bacio cake and latte (half strength of course!) and we bought mum macaroons to compliment her cappucino. Chris had a.......... I think cappucino?

We all went back to mine then mum ordered Chris and I to go grocery shopping. Then we just chatted and I went home at 1am.

Then mum and I had a deep and meaningful until ~2:30am. Then I just sat beside her as she slept and I drew some silly little drawings :)

Then it was a good night for Deena.

Yet again, I'm happy.