Saturday, September 25, 2010

First Gig

Well the day was wasted well, we woke up at 2pm and headed off to Shibuya to get a few things. I bought a Mickey Mouse toy for my sister and had to buy a new suitcase because my carry on bag broke last night when I was packing. WHAT. A. WASTE. OF. MONEY.

David's pout

Deena's pout

On the train!

Eating caramel macchiato, I LOVE THIS ICECREAM SO MUCH

Advertising.. but I took it as a photo op

Then I met up with Yuzu for dinner and we had ALL YOU CAN EAT SHABU SHABU! Yum yum! It was so delicious! I tried a Nama Beer as well and that was so smooth and sweet it went down well.

I had 5 plates of beef and 1 plate of pork yum

I had to rush to my dad's bar after dinner because I had to help out tonight and work! He has a gig on tonight, where Tom Holiday (who is really, really talented) is performing and that night is usually pretty busy.

I got given a work shirt haha, and I was bar girl/waitress. It was fun and a great experience :) Then my dad was like, Tom does 3 sessions and as a father request I would like you to do one song for me after Tom's last session. And I was like UM. WHAT? SORRY WHAT?!?!@?!@?!#!)@I~(OLWKMG

My first half half beer pouring skill YEAHHH and she was the customer

But after he pleaded, I gave in. He told me I had to debut in public sometime and get over my nerves! Haha, he wanted me to gain the experience of performing in a crowd. GOSH IT WAS SO SCARY I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN. I have a video, and its on my facebook - I barely nailed it because I was so nervous, shaking, blushing..

I left to go home quickly, change and go out clubbing with my friends. We went to Roppongi and that was REALLY SCARY too, this whole day is just full of scares! Japan clubbing is really intense, and I COULD BARELY MOVE! It was way too packed and intense but I did end up having a lot of fun. They play all English songs and its hilarious because I'll be singing like EVERYBODY and I hear all the Japanese kids sing like EWYBOEH! And, the Japanese boys are actually way more sleazy, these wog boys were protecting me from them and I was so grateful! There was also this Indian guy following me everywhere and wouldn't take no for an answer...

But yes, Japan is really intense.. people just sleep on the streets EVERYWHERE like EVERYWHERE and you can drink on the streets and just buy it from the convenience stores!

At like 4 am we went to Karaoke and then headed home at around 5:30 am. The sun was up and shining, and I was down and moping.

View from karaoke room

I beatboxed.. hahahaha well tried

Suns up!

Hectic night, haha.


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