Friday, September 17, 2010

Harajuku, Aoyama

I awoke to the sound of my Skype's ping!
I can see that the bags under my eyes are darkening, like an ugly, unwanted bruise. But what can I do? The beds hard, the pillows oddly shaped and I miss my sheep to sleep with haha!

We decided to take the day easy today (yeah that went to plan) and just go to Harajuku and Akihabara. I really don't want to go into the details because the majority was... walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk cry cry tear tear tantrum!

He was so happy when I ran to him.. no one was hugging him at the busy crossing of Hachiko hahahha

I ate 3 of these today! Isn't it weird tuna is called Sea Chicken?

We did have a good browse, I bought new shoes, some accessories, a bigger version of the smorkin labbits I collect.. AND A LITTLE GREEN MEN SUIT (for those who don't know, LGM's are my favourite disney character EVER)

Kiddy Land!

Thought my eyes were a weird colour today! Desh is right when she says it goes weird when Im happy :) hahahhaa

Then we spent hours trying to find the stores Bape, Supreme, XLarge, Undefeated and Head Porter. FAR OUT Bape was wayyyyy tooo hard to find - I was really going insane in the head. Hahaha and I do not know why I let my friend direct us, but we were so gone! Finally I decided to stop being lazy and ask a person on the street.

It makes me annoyed how much walking we did, my pinky toes look like mutated, regurgitated breakfast from a bird's mouth. I'd take a photo but I'm saving everyone's eyes haha!

We finally found all those stores and by that time it was 8pm (See how much walking we did if we were there the entire day?) and then we hopped on a train to Akihabara to try and catch the duty free shop.. we failed.

So we browsed around Akihabara then went home on the busy train. There was a lady next to me and throughout the ride she began to muzzle her head against my shoulder and then slowly creeped up into the cave of my neck.

You hear the stories of people falling asleep on your shoulder, but like she was fully nestling into warmth and just nuzzle nuzzling against me! I couldn't resist but to take a photo, people stared at me like wtf but I had to! I couldn't stop giggling so bad!