Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Yesterday hmm.. I slept until about 12:30, meaning I had missed my classes.
This is ridiculous, I can't believe how tired I'm getting! I'm actually genuinely scared that I am going to fail everything this semester, plus Japan is in 6 days.
What am I meant to do!?

I caught a tram and there was this girl smiling at me. I was like errr okay. Next thing I knew there was this man who just storms into the tram and starts screaming on the top of his lungs and marching up and down the corridor. I was so scared. He stopped right infront of me and just stood and stared down on me, then he flipped down a seat and sprawled all over the girl that was smiling at me.

She looked so scared and I would've been too. He just starts screaming at her and touching her and then calls his friend and starts ordering drugs at the top of his lungs like, "half a gram of the same shit last night, and oh a quarter of coca cola..it better fucking be the same shit i took last night.."

Anyway, she was freaking out so I was like, "Sarah! Come sit here with me!" and I flipped down a seat next to me for her and she was like "OOOH EMMA Thank you!" And we just started chatting like we actually knew each other but - I didn't.

I got off the tram and she said a huge thank you to me :)

Anyway, I went into the city to do a favour for a friend by buying a father's day gift for him to give straight after work. I ran into Nina who, I hadn't seen in like 4 years! The last time I saw her, she was about an entire head and neck taller than me and she was like my big sister.

I saw her from across the street and now I'm a head taller than her! She walked around with me to get the father's day gift stuff. Then I went to catch a bus to meet up with my friend.

I had the most loveliest and homosexual bus driver but he made my day! I had to wait for my friend to finish work for like 40 minutes because he got some unexpected jobs so I started writing really lame haiku poetry in the cold winter sun. You know how haikus work right? 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second and back to 5 syllables in the last line?

Sitting in sunshine
Basking in the warm glory
Absorb my sickness

Wind swishing my hair
As I wonder and ponder
What to do, to do

Waiting on a block
Hearing whispers from the cars,
secrets of the breeze

The birds are awake
Whistling to say hello
To a lonely girl

I inhale the smoke
Let it burn through my body
Now breathe out, Deena

Then I drew like random squiggles...

I took a photo of the sunshine, it was the first day of Sun I've seen in yonkers!

Me bored..

My friend gave me chocolates :)