Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I pulled an all nighter and crashed around 4 am. I woke up at 4:30 in a bead of sweat as I realised I had half an hour to get to the airport.
I drove Paulo's car and I was really stressed out! But I made it by 2 minutes!

I slept on the plane, 2 hours seemed to go really slow even when you're sleeping - but as soon as I stepped off the plane it was nice to get some warm weather on my skin. I ate a pizza, bummed on their wireless and checked in for international. I went outside to wait for my friend (however he was inside!) and this guy started talking to me. I was thinking I had plenty of time to waste so I didn't mind.

THEN I LOOKED AT THE WATCH and saw 10:30 am! My flight was leaving at 10.50am so I panicked and ran through customs. The lady was like HURRY! YOU'RE THE LAST ONE! As my bags and tray went through the xray machine - my friend was ringing me! How embarrassing.. all the security guards were laughing at me.

Anyway I ran onto the plane and made it, why do I do this to myself?

8 hours seemed to go on forever, I took like 5 naps. Seeing as Wubs and I wanted to be cheapskate, we had no entertainment as well. At one point my legs were getting crazy cramped so I went to the toilet and then just stood around. This flight attendant starts conversing with me and I didn't mind at all - until he put his hand on my bottom. I thought it might've been that silly mistake where you misjudge someone's placement of bits on the body but no.. he put his hand there again and again and again.

I didn't know what to do. But you know what? He was 52… Ugh it makes me vomit. Jetstar service aye?

We got off the plane, bought a ticket for the Narita Express and got to Shibuya. We were stressing because apparently our hotel doesn't provide toiletries and towels - so at 10:30pm we were trying to find a place that sold such things. Took us about an hour and then we had to find our hotel.

With my terrible Japanese, we finally got to Nakameguro but the problem was getting out of the station and finding the hotel. I asked for help and we got shown the way - THEN RAIN STARTED CRACKING DOWN ON US. The walk was about 7 minutes but with our lack of confidence about 20 minutes but we finally got there.
There was also an Ethiopian restaurant on the way there.. unexpected right?

We settled in and went back out to get some snacks and dinner! (I was salivating so much as I walked through food haven)

Sorry my entry is so rushed - I can only do what my laptop battery has left because we haven't bought a converter yet!

I'm so proud I got us to our destination! Phew!


Richard Uttley said...

I love the fact you're still blogging while you're in Japan. Love it :)

Kaiser Ho said...

jealous jealous jealous