Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tsukiji, Ginza, Shinjuku

I built the lego Panda I talked about yesterday..

Anyway we headed off to Tsukiji the almighty fish market!

On the way.. I saw a Hello Kitty pimp bus ride. Remember I want this as my first car okay?

This place is renowned for freshness, quality and mouthwatering sushi.. with its variety comes whale..


whale in teeth.. eek! I know I'm so terrible but.. but experience? (my friend couldn't do it)

My favourite - chuutoro! (medium level fatty tuna)


Waiting on the train.. For some reason I reminisced a lot today.. and actually on the train I wrote some lyrics. I just thought about how I'm in Japan and I hold the choice of whether I should go visit my dad or not.. so it was about that, along those lines anyway. Okay I just fetched out the piece of paper I scribbled on..
I think its more of a train of thought rather than lyrics - maybe it can be some kind of clay for me to mold with hahaha.
As I've travelled ~9000km sitting on a train.
Here to see you, hidden behind smiles - only questions remain on my mind.
With nothing to lose but faith & hope, I just wander at why you never tried,
Not even to see if I was doing okay.

Waddup I'm a rice ball..

The strange marketing schemes.. (real person dancing there btw)

Trying on clothes.. I didn't use it because Im not wearing make up but you have to cover your face with this so you don't get shit on their clothes hahahah! I just abused it as a photo op!

For midnight snacks I ate a packet of ritz cheese sandwich crackers and then 5 packets of pocky aww :(

My feet are terribly sore! I even massaged them in the shower and then with lotion after! I am so so so tired - and I know I'm not telling you stories but I hope the pictures are satisfying enough!
I will tell you one silly story though.. I was fiddling with the camera taking a picture of my new toy and then I look up and I saw this girl that I was so close to running into and I was like "OH! Sumimasen!!" And I thought wow she looks like me so much! Then - I realised I was talking to a mirror and I was close to embarrassing myself by running into it. Luckily no one was around to at least hear me talking to a mirror.
Silly billy Deena!


T.K.B.O.K.I said...

hey deeennnaaaaa.......... haven't talk to u for ages!!!! How have u been?? I guess u r having a lot of in Japan lol!! I am so jealous I want to go to Japan too!! Seems like a lot of fun!!!!! And I want to eat those sushi that u r eating yum yum!!

rachel may said...

HAHAHAA you walked into a mirror