Friday, September 16, 2011

High Rollers

I lounged all day with Bailey. He made me breakfast (more like lunch), it was delicious! A wonderful array of fruits swimming in condensed milk and juice. Nom nom nom!

I was bored so I started drawing this, but half way through he intercepted and stole the pen off me. I then became the canvas and had black ink all over me with inappropriate genitals, gangster lingo, not-so-hip pictures etc.

He did let me have a go so I filled in the spaces on his sleeve and turned that word 'Free' on his wrist into 'Fail.'

Then I got to finish up my drawing again. Lately my bed has been giving me horrible sleep and terrible back aches so I ended up falling asleep at Bailey's. He spent that time cleaning off his ink and eating a whole pack of Oreos.

When I woke up, I realised I should've followed suit and scrubbed the ink off early. It took me forever to get THUG LIFE off my hands. I gave up with my legs, I decided to wear jeans to work and that would do it.

We went to mine, and I got ready. Then he took me to no where for gourmet pizza. The place just sat in the middle of no where but it was packed and the food was scrumptious! It was simple and fresh.
BTW I don't think I ever posted the Heroes & Villains photos that night at my work!

I got dropped off to work and I did my usual routine. Half way through the night my boss comes up to me and goes, "These guys just came up to us and said they are high rollers so can you just take care of them and do everything they say? I know you don't serve but I am more certain that you will treat them royally compared to the other girls."

I looked over and there was an old Chinese man and an old Singaporean lady standing there. We never ever get people over the age of 40 coming in and these guys were definitely 50.

My boss told me to charge them double for a bottle and we'd split the extra. So I started talking Chinese with them and feeling like a hostess. I brought their bottle over and they made me drink. I never ever drink at work but they showed so much disappointment when I refused. Chivas is disgusting, not my thing at all!

I went back to work and gave my boss the cut. When I was finishing up my work the old high rollers called me over and asked me to bring them shots - they let me keep the change. I think, in this situation you would think that you'd have to be more cautious of the old man. The old man was however, in his own world and the old lady was non-stop peering into my eyes and telling me I was beautiful.

They told me to bring friends over so I got my three workers who were piss drunk (shift finished) anyway to go hang out with them. They did a great job! More than what I could pretend! They enjoyed the fact that they were getting shouted drinks, and the high rollers were happy they had company. All I had to do, was get paid to watch their bags as they went to dance, bring them drinks and here & there talk/dance with them.

As each round of shots came they told me to keep the change. I even gave the bartender a huge cut of change. I have to share my luck!

They decided that it was time to go home and they thanked me for taking care of them. They handed me a wad of cash and told me to take it. I refused, I told them that what I did wasn't worth that. They got angry and said to not offend them!

I was stoked and surprised but I took it with two hands and thanked them. I mean, it is really helpful because I'm pretty broke this week. I walked them to the front and asked them if they're okay with taking taxis and what not.

They looked at me and said, "We have a limousine service waiting for us by the hour."
I was like, "Oh." (Shit, my bad).
They called me later on to thank me again and to tell me that they were home safely and they had fun on their holiday in Australia.

I even remember when I was chatting to them. I complimented on her very intricate stockings and she said she goes to Paris every year and got them there! I told her I was jealous and she was like, I'll take you next time! And the old man asked me how much it was to buy a club like this and was determined to open one just like it..
He was like, is $20 million enough? And a gong just struck in my head and it took me a moment to swallow such a big number and I told him, "That's way too much!"

I wonder what their jobs were.. She said that she just travels now. I know the old Chinese man lives in the China country but I don't know what he did/do. I wish I was high roller. I probably won't pay my way into a young adult club though.

I shouted the boys a round of Maccas and we happily all ate it outside my car. I had shaker fries and they are AMAZING!

I stayed up because I didn't feel like sleeping. I played guitar quietly and chatted to people online. The drama between my ex and his friends still continue and it even involved violent shoving and threatening of a punch on.

They're accusing each other of starting it though but I know my ex wouldn't have started it. His friend is a pathological liar, that's for sure. I can tell in the way he talks to me that a lot of it is just bullshit pulled out like wet wipes from his asshole.

I stayed up talking to my ex's other friend and it was pretty clear that his intentions were not very loyal to friendship. My ex better watch his back.