Sunday, September 5, 2010


I slept forever or pretty much rolled in bed until about 4pm seeing as I slept at like 7am the previous day/night/morning. I went and got Subway with a friend and then had to get ready in less than an hour for my date at night ;)

This was probably like my first proper date since moving down to Melbourne, and its definitely my first fine dining experience. Well a normal fine dining experience.

My mum and I accidentally walked in on fine dining in Japan but it was crazayy.. like you pay 30 dollars for like 4 sticks of vegies that were sorted into crazy shapes.. or the entree was frozen in ice cube blocks?!

Chris picked me up and took me to St Kilda's Donovans.. it kind of took a while because he's a big lostie but we finally got there when it was raining. The people thought that we weren't coming but luckily they still had our seats. It was the cutest little restaurant, very cozy and warm, and a nice atmosphere provided by the candle lights. We looked at the menu and decided on getting the porterhouse steak for 2 and then the bombe alaska for 2. We were told that the steak will take 50 minutes to cook so we will have complimentary bread to sustain us through the waiting period.

50 minutes?! I was like, what kind of steak is this! That's crazy! I think I ate too much of the bread though, the bean paste was nice. Finally the waiter came over with this big lump of steak and was like, "Just presenting your porterhouse steak"
And I said, "Yep" but I think you were meant to say like "Wow that's beautiful" or some kind of approval. I had no idea, I seriously thought we waited 50 minutes for this lump of steak with no garnish and side dishes to just be placed on top of our table.

He came back anyway with it all cut up and oozing with garlic butter and mushroom onion on french toast thingy. The waiter split it between us two and I began to salivate. I remember Chris laughing at me when I popped the steak into my mouth, my face was literally like (O.O)! You cannot believe how scrumptious this steak was, I was seriously foodgasming in my seat and appointed this steak as the Best Steak Deena Has Ever Had Award. It had the right amount of crisp on the outside and the tenderness on the inside makes my mouth water.

We asked the waitress to wait for a little bit to let our stomach settle and then the dessert came. It was the most intense little marshmallow looking crazy porcupine thing I've ever seen! Hahahahaa but it was absolutely delicious. I couldn't finish it completely though, it was way too huge after steak, bread and Subway just like 2 hours previously! My bad.

Then I went home and did my maths assignment MER!