Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I slept all day and rested, and Chris told me that I had to get plenty of rest because I had to go out at night time. I was wondering what could go on at midnight in the city, because that's what I got told.

I got a little dressed and headed out with him, I told him it'd be easiest to catch the tram to the city and when we were walking towards the tram station, he was going the other way and I was like...

Where are you going Chris? Tram is this way! And he's like no no no its this way! But I followed him for a bit then he pointed down to the ground and was like HELLO!

And as I looked down at the ground, there next to suitcases and bags, was my best friend Deshna sitting down, shivering in the cold, smiling up at me! She was here, 2000km away from home, to see me :)

I've missed her so much! She's my lover.
Then we all went to get some Chinese food and got crunk for the night, LOL.

Mickey Mouse Chocolate Lollipop

For sure, Chris looks like Gumba


Sleepy Desh


Cathy said...

chewing gum isnt banned in singapore anymore deena!! haha