Thursday, December 23, 2010

Absence of Sunset

I finally collapsed into the conflict with consciousness as I awoke from a fantastic 9 hours sleep.

Quinton and I did our routine morning bum, but we knew that the day was going to be spent doing nothing. We got the guitar off Pac so we decided to finally tie up all our endless songs and refresh on those that we did finish.

For lunch we went down to the local market and got steamed buns, fried dumplings, soy milk and etc. Then continued back to work.

These were the old songs we finally finished,
Verse 1
You promised me with empty words and made me wait it for you
But I stood there looking out for that novel face of yours
Verse 2
I never took you for a liar but I guess I don't know you
It may seem strange but I was never worried that I'd lose you
Pre Chorus
I stayed til sunset
I can't forget
Those clever lies you said to me the day we met
You were the one that said meet me here on Valentine
I was a fool to think there was truth within your eyes
We had a night that meant much more than memories
It's about time I realised love won't be there twice
Because I've heard it all
It's wrong, it's all so wrong
I'll leave on my own
Go fight the night alone

Leave of Absence
Verse 1
In that undercover carpark
Where our screams echoed, echoed at each other,
People staring, people driving by, people watching
I'm sorry for making you cry
Verse 2
We were such fools for turning back on our promises,
Now all that's left are shadows and lies
We were laughing, we were crying, we were kissing,
Its funny how we made it this far
Verse 3
Time for us to say goodbye,
To reminisce on this rainy day,
To wash away the ties that we've shared
Sun is fading, wind is whispering, leaves are falling,
Closing curtains on this silly, silly play
I'm sorry for hurting you
But that's, that's how the way it goes
I'm sorry for hurting you
Standing at the edge of yesteryears
Where memories drove
They vanished, they all survived...

I don't want to disclose these lyrics because it is super cheesy.

Afterwards we started writing a new one too, but our brains were starting to explode and I fell asleep on Quinton at around 8:30pm. I woke up at 1am to brush my teeth and exhaustion prevailed and I again, indulged in dreams.

Happy Birthday Piglet!