Sunday, December 26, 2010


We awoke and became lazy in the morning - as per usual. So we sat down and started writing songs again, we finished off one and started another.
The 2nd one actually was pretty quick to write because we made two rules,
1. No thinking
2. Just wing it
Plus we were pretty enthused by the tune and background so it was pretty quick to write.

We were also meant to go check out the music store to buy shakers but instead we got invited out to eat all you can eat Japanese food, so who could pass that up?

I should really calm down on the seafood though, even fish is getting to my head in Hong Kong. I ate quiiiiteeeee a lot but fish never makes you feel bloated so I don't think my brain got the message that I have over eaten so I'm pretty sure sashimi would nearly spill out from my esophagus!
Look.. 90% of the stuff on this table I can't eat *CRY*

Afterwards, we went to a Mezz Bar and had a glass of red wine while enjoying strawberry shisha. It was really funny because the man put his arm around me and was like, "Good to see you again" and I just nodded and smiled but really I was thinking, "Erm.. first time here.. and in Hong Kong but okay..."
I thought these prawns were really mean, criss crossing saying "DEENA YOU HAVE BEEN DENIED BY ALLERGIES TO EVEN TOUCH THIS TUNA BECAUSE MY ICKY PRAWN JUICES HAVE SPREAD ALLERGY DISEASE OVER THEM!!!" Okay, maybe I'm just sulking because I can't eat anything luxurious.

We stayed there for a solid few hours then the boys went to go out at Lan Kwai Fong but Quinton and I decided to head home to get some rest.

That failed because we just ended up finishing the song we wrote. Here's the lyrics but again, I think it sounds pathetic without melody.
Gus seems happy and Christmassy (even though its Boxing Day now)

Verse Uno
Everybody turn on the TV and see what's on the news today
We got male and female lovers wanting to pass the laws to marry, engage
Children crying, mothers grieving as soldiers fight and lives are paid
Is this really what the world is spinning for or are we abusing its time and days?

Verse Dos
Everybody go check your doorstep and read what the newspaper has to say
Teenage mothers killing babies and flushing them down the lonely drain
Factories pumping pollution clouds, to paint the sky into ugly and grey
Did the world spend 5 billion years creating beauty for us to waste?

This is our place
with complicated problems
For us to save

It's not too late
For each and one another
To change our pace

Rant Tres
We have started-
taking granted what has been given to us
We are drifting-
Further from the paradise that's so faraway
Because it may be cliche but the world hits us back,
Everythings in a circle from shape to the sun
To karma coming round to collect all our debt and -
Leave us lonely facing the worries that's surrounding me

Verse Quatro
Everybody go and switch on your PC's and check the online news updates
Social networks dominating your time to eat away the two four hours in all our days
While children sit & work with no breaks to produce the clothes that they don't get to wear
Are we truly gonna let Mother Earth become an atmosphere of gloomy despair?

I really wanted a boy's voice in this one so I made Quinton sing! AND HE SOUNDS GREAT!
Verse 1
Mr X, are you ready?
Have you noticed, I was staring
I am wearing red stockings
and waiting for you.

Mr X, are you married?
If you're not, let's head out
Share a sundae, by the river
Near the closest cinema

Miss Y, how you doing?
Do you know who I am?
If you don't please allow me
to introduce myself

Miss Y, you look stunning
Even though red is out
Let me take you to the circus
We'll go runabout

How do I go and chase you?
Wish you'd give me a sign
'Cause you are one of a kind
If I tried would you say no?
I wish the wait was over~
Badup~ Didum~

Verse 2
Miss Y, you're so funny
Got me jumping up and down
I went to the barber
to get a haircut and a shave

Miss Y, oh tell me why
You don't slant to my side
I bet boys are running after
and I'm third last from the line

Mr X, I am smiling
at the way you have me going
I'd flutter all my lashes
and be twirling my hair

Mr X, you're probably thinking
that I, don't have much
I'd offer all my savings
but instead, take my heart

Verse 3
Mr X, Miss Y
Could you love me?
I am full of butterflies
But I'm way too shy
So I'll sadly - say goodbye

Maybe one day I'll have guts to show my shit, but for now enjoy these drawings by children that made me happy on the subway walls!