Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I packed for USA and then braided my sister's oily hair which was disgusting and difficult. I got so frustrated - her hair is so dirty.

Before boarding on the plane, we went to Lost and Found and they actually had my book (if you remember I left it on the trolley when I arrived to Taiwan)

I went to the police station and saw like 4 glass cases full of bulletproof vests. I had to give my passport so they can trace where the book is going just incase I'm not the rightful owner. WOW, my 20 dollar book should feel special.

While I waited for them to process my passport, I saw one of the policeman searching on Ebay for a Dell laptop, naughty naughty!

After checking in and feeling the dire withdrawal of no internet, I hid myself in some plants near the first class area to steal the wireless. I was there for about 3 hours!
View from the top (first class area)

Okay, so I time travelled in different time zones so when I landed after a 12 hour flight it was still the 1st of December so I'm writing it in this entry too!

I arrived 12pm LAX time, I finished the book I bought in 101 Tower Taipei, 'Paprika' on the flight (intelligent story line, excellent for about 2/3 of the way then the ending was just like a major WTFOMGBBQ?!@!@(!#) And I only caught one movie, Going the Distance!
As we approached Los Angeles, Jana and I only had Miley Cyrus' song pounding in our heads.
Looks like I'm just on the outside brim of earth hahha dun dun dunnnnn!

When I was chasing for my luggage around the conveyor belt, one of the security guards helped me out and then decided to try and flirt with me afterwards. Telling me 'Hola Bonita' and I was like, I'm guessing that's.. Hello girl. And he was like "No no correction, Hello BEAUTIFUL girl"

Then he asked where I was from and my mix and tried to keep going with the conversation but I was like OH LOOK FAMILY OVER ON OTHERSIDE THANK YOU AND BYE!

The mountains in Los Angeles are so picturesque, I couldn't pry my eyes off them! It just looks like someones gone Ctrl + C, then Ctrl + V into the backdrop (for all of you who don't know that are the commands for Copy and Paste).

We had Chinese for lunch where I learnt the traditions of tips. I hadn't really accepted that I was in America yet because for the first entire day I was surrounded by Asians who only spoke Mandarin.. I want to hear the rich accent!!

Okay, so I cannot stand people who talk with their mouths open (my great aunty) and she's certainly had practice because it just sits at the crevasse behind her teeth yet nothing falls out as she yaps away. Amazing and a little gross. Its my first time meeting my extended family though and they are very sweet :)