Tuesday, December 14, 2010


We went shopping today - not a very exciting day to talk about.

At the dressing rooms I heard an African American woman was complaining about how the clothes are all made for Caucasian women and doesn't respect the beauty of African American curves and booty. She said that we need a department for African American woman. I found it hilarious, especially because it was in that NUH UH typical attitude voice. Hahaha I love it.

I saw these two women walk around the shopping centre as best friends, wearing fluorescent matching Victoria Secret tracksuits together. Rule number 1, don't do that with your best friend or even anyone. Actually don't even wear a fluorescent pink tracksuit to begin with. Flamingo!

They had Wetzel's Pretzels on both the top floor and the bottom and both were giving our cinnamon donut samples so I went upstairs and downstairs, then back up stairs. Probably scored myself as big as the normal donut without paying bweehehehe!

Man USA is so cheap and full of scrumptious sales. I bought so many things for only like $5 to $15 dooollllarrrrrrs.
Thought the anonymous body on Abercombie & Fitch bag was nice like a blueberry pie on a Winter morning so I got Jana Banana to pretend it was like her body LOL.