Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Le Peak

I woke up from a deep sleep, happy, content and absorbing the midday sunshine - then realised that midday sunshine meant 12pm and I was meant to meet Gareth at 12. So I threw my blanket off, smashed the door open, saw Quinton sitting on his bed reading, yelled at him for not waking me up and just slipped into any clothes visible. I didn't even get to wash my hair, so good ol' cover up beanie was the choice of head wear.

Oh such a diva kitty~

I caught a taxi to Mongkok where I was 40 minutes late (I'm so sorry!) and ate lunch at a cute little Italian shop with Gareth. Afterwards I got to enjoy Mongkok for my first time and even found the cutest cardigan to order in (they ran out of stock, that lady had my balls twisted in a knot and eventually conned me to order it in) and a baby pink G shock watch.

Look closely at the strange selection of thongs that you can get your lovers to wear to spice up bed time ;)


Okay you can't really see but this clothing shop decorated their Christmas tree with playboy condoms, WTF?

Gareth and I ran into Richard, and I was so ecstatic to see him! I hadn't seen him in ages and to see him in Hong Kong out of all places made my head blow up with happiness!
Fail line outside... for tram stop

Sexy Pierce Brosnan

Then I met up with Quinton to go up to the mountain peak at twilight to catch the slow fade of light dimming the night sky. Yeah, that totally failed because as we got to the tram stop the line was like yay long. Yay meaning it took nearly 2 hours of lining up so we only got up there when the day had already left us.

LOL, I didn't know he was taking a photo thus the death stare

The view was beautiful, it was at that moment where I took in how enchanting the city was and irrevocable lust built up inside. I'm falling in love with Hong Kong.
Sulking in line..

Roar! Fear the wrath of Deenasaur!

We then went to catch a taxi because the tram line was ridiculous, and there was these group of Westerners behind saying, "OH THEY TOOK OUR TAXI" "OH MAN THAT SUCKS SO MUCH"
and I turned around and said, "Oh no you can have the taxi, we were just asking the price."

Bored of waiting face

They all blushed in shame and responded with a, "No no, no you can take all the taxis you want sorry!"
Its funny how we just assume all Asians in an Asian country is simply just Asian, but I do it too anyway.

Quinton and I then decided that the taxis were ripping foreigners off so we walked to the minibus stop. On the way we saw this girl strut her stuff like she was the finest thing since sliced bread, and as we talked about her she tripped on her heels. It was a classic moment!

Dinner was calling so we ate at Shake Em Buns and I had a Guitar Shop Special with a Cali Berry Smoothie sided with chilli cheese fries. Boy was I bloated!

Hehe shop name is Bubies hahaha

Gareth then met up with us again and we went to Elgin Street for shisha and drinks. This time we had cherry and it was so strong that all of us were really happy, then got really dizzy. The boys couldn't handle it no more so we decided to go venture out the streets.

Waiting for Gareth

Needed air because the bar's heater was killing me

Eventually we said our goodbyes with Gareth and caught the train home to sing some lullabies and dozed off to sleep.

My favourite photo of Quinton, personality captured me thinks!

My Deena Colada :)

I realised afterwards that the stick I was playing with was a cellophan-ed light bulb..

Hahaha my friend sent me this photo, I think its hilarious!


Gareth said...

pink watch... no homo? ;)