Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Santa Monica

In the morning we went to Getty Villa, we left the house at an early 9 o'clock. Only to get to Getty Villa at around 12pm. Not because we were traveling far, or we had to catch public transport - noooo, my great uncle and great aunty got lost. But its okay, I got to catch up on some sleep deprived from Vegas, and catch pins and needles in my left leg due to tiny car space.

We got told by our great aunty to shut up because we were laughing at each others jokes and that was bugging her so we decided to do ultimate silent treatment and take her scolding too literal. I know its immature but we were sick of being told off for everything we do, who gets lectured for being happy!? AWW So when we got to Getty Villa, my sister and I ran off like little squirrels! (I SAW ONE!! DO YOU SEE HIS FACE?)

It was a museum dedicated to Greek, Roman... artifacts. I wasn't really reading. The only thing I was interested was in the Herb Garden. I've decided that I want a little Herb Garden of my own one day so I don't have a dried collection in my kitchen. Instead I can have a fresh variety to dazzle my cooking with!
For anyone who has watched Mighty Boosh.. I'M OLD GREG!

Someone make me a fancy coffin for my passing like this okay?

I bought a book about herbs in the Getty shop, as well as a fountain pen.

It said for learning purposes, this monument of Venus was copied to learn through touch. I heightened my education greatly.

Herb garden!

HAHAHHA give us some lovage!

We then moved on to Santa Monica, which took us another hour because they got lost - again. My sister and I walked the planck and giggled in excitement as we saw a themepark...
Bubba Gump Shrimp Company haha no way! Smart business plan to use Forrest Gump!

Hahaha, don't climb the Big Noodle

Fluffed up pigeons are adorable

Only to walk in it and find that everything is malfunctioning right now and so only games were available. At least I know not to really trust the roller coaster, right?

We kept walking as people tried to sell us paintings, drawings and souvenirs. I bought a postcard and then saw a man sculpting faces. I asked him how much and I thought for ten dollars it was a bit of fun.

So many people stopped to watch, its really awkward. Especially the faces of "OH YEAH THATS AMAZING" and "AW MAN THAT'S SO NOT ALIKE"
One fisherman was storming past with a bundle of fishing rods, to halt, turn around and yell at the sculptor man, "You should give that sculpture for free! She's gorgeous! It's a privilege for YOU to be sculpting HER face."
And all I saw was an uneasy smile from the stingy Asian sculptor probably thinking, "Noe way - I have a family!"

Yeah, in the end all of my excitement got molded into a face unbeknown to anyone who associates with me, because that face that was placed into my hands was definitely not mine. I don't know who he was looking at for reference, hahaha oh well! Good fun!
(Its super heavy though so I'm considering not bringing it with me because its a waste of my luggage space... but its also a memory of fail good fun!)

We then had to leave to pick up our 2nd cousins from school. Then this lovely evening, my sister fixed our TV channel onto an adult porn show. We don't know how to fix it and tried forever. My sister won't even ask for help because she doesn't want to be blamed for it. Apparently, whoriental sex dolls is on the menu, boys!

So.. when we were grocery shopping for dinner, this chicken deeply disturbed me. Suggestion for Chinese food shops, present your revenues nicely so people are enticed to buy and bring home. I mean, even tuck the chicken's head away from the window so it stops clucking, "HI DEENA, HOWS YOUR DAY MATE?"