Saturday, December 4, 2010

Retail Therapy

Retail therapy was long awaited by yours truly. After suffering the claustrophobia inducing plane rides and the tyranny of life (I'm trying to make excuses to justify my prescription of retail therapy!). We were driven out to Desert Hills which was about 2 hours away to an outlet shopping district. Yeah, we let loose.

My sister and I grabbed a coffee where a gay 60 year old Zegna retail assistant talked to us and bought our morning wake ups as apparently, we made his day! How cute!

The Starbucks man was also super friendly and my sister thought that she'd tip him and she exclaimed proudly, "Look, I'm tipping you!" and I told her that it was a super shit tip and she was like whatever. About ten minutes later she laughed in humiliation as she realised what I said was true, four bronze pennies is only four cents. We don't even have four cents in Australia! The smallest coin is a 5 cent-er.

We went shopping for about 6 hours, I didn't think I'd buy so much but the prices were so surprisingly cheap compared to Australia. Coach was having a huge sale, and the amount of people in there was crazy! I bought a sidebag, laptop case and wallet purses and it didn't even reach 200 dollars! The sidebar was originally 550 dollars but it got reduced to 150, CRAZY.

I also bought a cute Burberry jacket, like I'm not really a brand whore but the original price was 900 to 450 to 309 to 180. I also bought a Calvin Klein jumper for half price, and a Tommy Hilfiger sweater for 20 dollars. Levi Jeans were only 40 dollars and that was at retail price, I got the ones that weren't on sale and it was still incredibly cheap. Australia's retail price for Levi Jeans are at minimum $150! And my last purchase was an Armani dress for $40.

We had dinner with grandpa, mummy, great-uncle, great-aunty, my second cousins and their mum. It was Wilson (the younger 2nd cousin)'s birthday, so we ate at a restaurant dedicated to Tofu then went back to their house to eat cake and open presents. He is SO cute, I wanted to eat him more than the cake.

That side of the family are overprotective health fanatics, as soon as we sang Happy Birthday and Wilson blew the candles, the mum and my great-aunty scraped the cream off the top and the sides. I would've thought that a 4 year old's birthday would be an exception to eat a little cream. If I was 4, I would've loved to eat Spiderman rather than seeing it being excavated off the top. Bye Spidey!