Friday, December 10, 2010


We went over to Farmer's Market (accidentally, actually). My extended family are organic health fanatics so they were actually heading over to the other side where CVS Pharmacy (is that what its called?) and an Organic superstore was situated at.
Love tulips

My sister then yelled out, "OOOH FARMER'S MARKET! I WANT TO GO I WANT TO GO!"
I shopped around, there were many cute places to shop at at this place next to Farmer's Market called The Grove?

Hey, you know what I realised? UGG Australia is E V E R Y W H E R E! I saw it popularly worn and many retail outlets in my travels to China, Japan and America - but it is no way popular in Australia. Maybe because Ug boots are like our traditional or typical apparel and is seen as totally lame as fashion down under. Mind you, it is worn for comfort and warmth.

My sister and I went into Mac, where everything was half the price compared to how much they sold it in Australia. Man, I would've thought that USA was more expensive than Australia but boy was I going in for a startle. Australia jacks prices up a hundred fold. It's ridiculous! The Mac girl even told me that Napolean Perdis is cheaper than Australia's Napolean Perdis make up... and let me remind you - Napolean Perdis is an Australian company.
Strange kids

My sister and I also spent quite a considerable amount of time in the Barnes & Noble Bookstore - Bill Bryson's A Short History on Everything is definitely going to be my next read. I just didn't want to buy it because it's an extra stone in my travel sack.

I then scowled around Farmer's Market trying to find a Kransky sausage. Thinking it was a popular German sausage complimented with sauerkraut sold for lunch at Markets, I searched hard and asked people where I might find it. You see, I was craving for fat because my extended family are slim trim on their meals. I bought fresh lemonade but failed to find my beloved sausage. (I just searched in Google though, and its not even German - its Australasian so it was a dead end from the beginning, sigh)
Eating Caplico in the car! It's been so long since I've eaten one of those!

My uncle then wanted to show us the original downtown of Los Angeles. I finally got to see LAPD! My sister was more eager to see it but too bad she was zonked out in the car with a headache. I walked with my mum, uncle and grandpa around this original downtown L.A and if it was that scary in the day time - I can't imagine night time.

The air was putrid, stenched with that potent urine smell. Rubbish encrusted the streets. People were shouting, and random passersby would yell statements or blabber noises into your face. To put honestly, I was shit scared. Luckily, with this particular atmosphere - meant heightened police presence. My uncle is really naive though and kept wanting to walk around to find toilets, but there were only Public ones that sat in the middle of the street and my mum was begging him to move to a different area to use toilets because we just knew that this area wasn't going to have clean, public restrooms.

Good experience and eye opener.

Later on that night, I met up with Georgie Porgie for All You Can Eat Korean BBQ to satisfy my previous days' cravings. Mind you that LITTLE GEORGE WAS 45 MINUTES LATE IN PICKING ME UP! And made my family postpone their dinner to make sure I got picked up safely. P.s I was standing OUTSIDE!

What a lucky Georgie pie! He is the only person to ever meet this side of my family hahhahaha! And for my great-uncle, aunty and 2nd cousin's family, I met them for the first time on this trip too so haha how super strange.
George's printed instructions to destination and my place

Anyway, I had a beautiful dinner where we kept ordering beef tongue as our barbecue choice. I saw George's face when I said beef tongue is delicious but I know I've got him hooked now! Good on him for giving the tongues a go hahahaha! He expected like a chunky tongue steak, but for all you who don't know beef tongue is served sliced.

What was more interesting about the dinner was that, I learned one very important fact about him. He is terrible at directions! I won't say driving because its the directions that lead the driving to mishap hahahaha! But it was a super fun adventure that took an hour, so we eventually settled on the first Korean restaurant we saw but after we ate and walked outside we realised that this was the restaurant we were looking for anyway! Hahaha two lost sheep!

What was worse was that the moment we finished paying, I realised we forgot the tip! I asked George how much I should give and he had no idea even though he's lived in USA for ages! I ended up chucking 3 dollars on the counter and confessing to the waiter, "I'm SORRY! I don't live in this country!" and hurried out the door.

Me being forgetful, left the polaroid I took of George at the restaurant! But George went to fetch it later on and sent me this,

Oh btw, I have this terrible habit where if there is something blocking my nose passage I have to let it out. So I told my friend that I wiped it on a Bally store ledge in desperation and so he drew me this funny picture hahaha

Talented boy right?
P.p.s I've wiped my boogies on the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City.. TEEHEE


Haynes said...

uh tip is usually 10-15% of the bill